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York Women Saphire Perfume Review

York Women Saphire Perfume Review

I love online shopping. We got to see so many brands and options at one place. I was running out of perfumes so thought of buying from Myntra. I always buy perfume in person after sniffing it so I decided to go for a medium priced perfume meant for women. Today I am going to discuss my experience with York Women Saphire Perfume.
york women perfume
York Women Saphire Perfume Review
Price: 475 INR

Net vol: 60ml

Available at: Myntra, Snapdeal.

York Perfume says-
Luxuriate in the aromatic fragrance of this perfume from York. We love how easily this one works as an excellent evening and day wear fragrance. A delicious combination of scents makes it an instant favorite.

MBT says-
The perfume comes in a blue cardboard box packaging that is way too big for holding the bottle. There is a beautiful sapphire ring designed on the box. The actual scent comes in a pretty, small square shaped glass bottle with a semi opaque beautifully designed lid. The liquid is sea blue in color and looks quite classy and soothing to the eyes. The lid is very tight and I find it really hard to open it. The bottle is light weight and can be easily carried around in a handbag.

The aroma of the perfume is sweet, subtle and feminine. It is quite mild and settles really quickly. After few minutes, the notes fades a bit with a mix of sweet and a little hint of fruit. The scent is very relaxing especially for a person like me as I don’t like heavy fragrances. Unfortunately the performance of the fragrance in terms of longevity is very poor. It stays put on me for only few hours after that it vanishes away completely without any hint of fragrance. It definitely requires frequent application which I rarely do.

York Women Saphire Perfume Review
York Women Saphire Perfume Review
York Women Saphire Perfume Review
York Women Saphire Perfume Review
Sweet and feminine fragrance.
Mild and refreshing scent. 
Is great for people with sensitive noses.
Reasonably priced.
Mix of sweet and slightly fruit-y scent.
Easily available.
Lovely bottle.

Poor staying power.
The lid is quite tight.
You might not like it if you are not fond of sweet fragrances.

Overall Thoughts:
York Women Saphire Perfume has a sweet feminine scent that settles quickly into a mix of sweet scent with a hint of fruit in it. I had always loved perfumes with sweet scent but had it offered more staying power I think it would be a great steal. 

Rating: 3/5

Have you tried York Women Saphire Perfume? How was your experience with it? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. nice review...looks pretty the packaging...
    my recent one :

  2. Packaging is lovely, wish it had more staying power, I also don't like perfumes that vanishes within few hours, sweet and feminine smell is definitely for me, I so love mild smells. Nice review & clicks sweety :)

  3. The bottle is so pretty :) Too bad it has poor staying power.

  4. It's sad that it doesn't stay long :( Nice review Megha :)

  5. Awesome clicks Megs :D Loved your Review <3

  6. The bottle looks pretty. I will try and hunt for this once my current stash of perfumes gets over :)

  7. The bottle is so cute ^_^....lovely review senorita! :) <3

  8. Nice review. I like bottle, it looks luxurious ;)

  9. Awwww, this one looks so cutee :)
    Nice review ..

  10. I love sweet fragrances and the packaging too looks good but staying power!! wish could have been better! Lovely review.:)

  11. liked the packaging but wish it lasted longer.. :)

  12. Never came across this one. Nicely reviewed.

  13. Packaging is Cute! Wish it Lasted Longer But Hope It Fares Well in These Winters :)


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