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Just Herbs Day Long Kohl Kajal Review

In the world of beauty products, finding the perfect kohl kajal can be a daunting task. The search for a kajal that not only enhances your eyes but also stays put throughout the day can feel like an endless endeavor. However, Just Herbs, a renowned brand known for its natural and Ayurvedic skincare products, may have just the solution with its "Day Long Kohl Kajal." In this review, we will delve into the features, ingredients, benefits, and overall performance of this promising kohl kajal based on my experience.

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The first impression is often the most important, and Just Herbs has taken this to heart with its elegant and attractive packaging. The Day Long Kohl Kajal comes in a sleek, matte black retractable pencil, adorned with the brand's signature floral logo. The slim design allows for easy application, ensuring a precise and effortless stroke every time.


One of the standout features of the Just Herbs Day Long Kohl Kajal is its commitment to natural and Ayurvedic ingredients. The formula boasts a blend of nourishing botanicals like sweet almond oil and vitamin E. These ingredients not only lend a smooth texture to the kajal but also offer benefits like moisturization, promoting lash health, and preventing irritation – making it suitable for sensitive eyes.

Pigmentation & Texture

The true test of any kohl kajal lies in its pigmentation and smoothness during application. The Day Long Kohl Kajal from Just Herbs excels in this area. With just one stroke, it delivers intense black pigmentation that instantly defines the eyes, giving them a bold and captivating look. The creamy texture glides effortlessly on the waterline or eyelids, making it a breeze to create various eye makeup looks.


The promise of an all-day wear is where many kohl kajals fall short. However, Just Herbs seems to have mastered the art of longevity. The Day Long Kohl Kajal adheres exceptionally well to the waterline and lash line, offering hours of smudge-proof wear. I have watery eyes but it does fade a little bit but no smudging! Whether you are facing a long day at the office or attending an evening event, this kohl kajal stays put, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

Ophthalmologically tested & Safe for sensitive eyes

For individuals with sensitive eyes, finding a kajal that does not cause irritation or redness can be challenging. Just Herbs has taken care of this concern by subjecting its Day Long Kohl Kajal to ophthalmological tests. This kajal is proven to be safe and gentle on the eyes, even for contact lens wearers, making it a suitable choice for those with sensitive eyes.

Ease of Removal

While the Day Long Kohl Kajal is designed for long-lasting wear, it is essential to consider how easy it is to remove at the end of the day. The formula of this kajal ensures that it can be easily removed with a gentle eye makeup remover or cleansing oil, without leaving any residue or staining.

Cruelty Free

For conscious consumers, the ethical aspect of a brand matters just as much as product performance. Just Herbs proudly proclaims that its products, including the Day Long Kohl Kajal, are cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals. 


Overall Thoughts:

Just Herbs has truly delivered with its Day Long Kohl Kajal. With its natural ingredients, impressive pigmentation, smudge-proof longevity, and ophthalmological safety, it ticks all the right boxes for a reliable and high-performance kohl kajal. Whether you are a beauty enthusiast, a professional, or someone with sensitive eyes, this product is worth a try. Say goodbye to midday touch-ups and hello to captivating, beautiful eyes with Just Herbs Day Long Kohl Kajal.

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