Thursday, January 12, 2023

Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel Review

Just Herbs is one such Indian brands that I really trust and have used many of their products (most of them I had loved and repurchased!). Recently I tried their under eye gel that I really loved as it has both the factors that i want in my eye gel- 1. Lightweight 2. Nourishes eye area really well. After trying it for 2 months, here is my honest review on Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel!

Price- Rs 495 for 20g BUY ONLINE I bought mine from Amazon!

My sole purpose of buying  Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel was I forgot my Mother Sparsh Eye Gel at my hometown and eye cream or eye gel is a must have in my skincare regime. I have dry skin my eye area and ever since i started using an under eye cream, it has become moisturized and free of wrinkles. If you have crossed your 25, then i feel eye care is must!

Coming back to Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel, I find it pretty good and it does what it says! 


I adore the packaging as it is sleek and perfect to travel with. The nozzle is too good and dispenses the right amount of product each time. The sleek squeezable tube comes packaged in a cardboard box packaging with all the information written on it!

Formula & Fragrance

The formula of the Just Herbs Eye Gel is soft and smooth with gel consistency. The best part i liked about this eye gel is it is light and does not contain fragrance. It gets absorbed into the skin like a dream and does not give me milia! 

How to use Just herbs Nourishing Eye Gel?

After washing my face, I take a small amount of gel on the tip of my finger and massage it gently on my under eye area and eye lid area. It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiff.


Just Herbs Nourishing Under Eye Gel is indeed very nourishing and makes my dry eye area soft and healthy. It contains green tea and carrot seed. Green tea tightens and brightens the skin whereas carrot seed reduces dark circles and signs of ageing. I do not have major dark circles but I feel they do work on minor dark circles!


  • Makes eye area nourishing and healthy. 
  • Makes it velvety smooth!
  • Brightens the eye area.
  • Works on minor dark circles.
  • No fragrance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suits all skin types!
  • Cruelty free!
  • Paraben free!


  • Might not work on major dark circles!
  • Pricey!

Overall Thoughts:

Other than price, I feel Just herbs Nourishing Eye Gel is one of the best eye gels I have tried. For me, an eye cream must nourish my eye area and it does wonderfully. 

What do you prefer- eye gel or eye cream?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


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  1. To be honest, I prefer eye creams because I use anti wrinkle products. Fortunately I don't have dark circles, not yet at least and therefore my main worry is to fight aging and eye wrinkles. I will still consider this product and will look for it in Italian stores and websites. Thanks for this precise presentation.


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