Friday, October 14, 2022

Boroline- A Super Saviour for Dry Skin

Happy Karwachauth to all the married girls out there! Hope your lives will be filled with happiness and good health always!

This post is going to be very short as I use it only for few things and it has worked like a charm for me every time! Today I am going to talk about Boroline which has been a staple product for people in West Bengal! I have bee using it since a year and I totally loved it!

Price- Rs 75 for 40g BUY ONLINE

I bought Boroline randomly whilst shopping from Big Basket as i had heard raves on it and yes it is true!

Boroline comes in a white plastic jar with a green screw top lid. It is very small and easy to carry anywhere with you whilst traveling. Recently I went on a Hampi trip and this was a bliss after a long tiring day. How did I use it? Read more to know :)

Boroline is white in color with smooth, thick formula. It feels very thick and heavy upon application but less is more in Boroline. It does not feel uncomfortable and the results you get will make you fall in love with it! I usually use it at night but in winters it works very well during day time as well!

I use Boroline for elbows, hands and feet and literally I do not need any separate hand or foot cream. I simply take small amount of Boroline and massage it nicely on my elbows and feet. The remaining anyways stays on hands :D It just makes skin so smooth and baby soft the next. After moving to Bangalore, i felt I ad skin barrier but using it every night for a week on my face made it smooth and hydrated (of course you have to drink more water and eat healthy!). If you are facing dry and cracked feet, then i highly recommend you to try it out!

My friend swears on using Boroline on her dry and chapped lips but i refrain myself from using antiseptic cream on my lips. She has been using it since a long time so I literally cannot comment if it is safe to use!

All in all, i loved Boroline especially for my feet as my feet were in very bad condition (extremely dry and lifeless) and now I loved how pretty and moisturized my feet looks!

Have you used Boroline? How do you use it? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


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