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How to get glowing and healthy skin with Kansa wand?

I love taking care of my skin and these days I am obsessed with various skincare tools available in the market. So the first skincare tool I bought is this Kansa wand from the brand Fedus that I ordered from Amazon. I do loads of shopping from Amazon and till now never got fake or bad products. I am not much into facial massage as I have sensitive, acne prone skin but as we age we need to take good care of our skin to avoid wrinkles and dull skin. Facial massage also promotes blood circulation that in turn gives glow to the skin. Without any further ado, let’s jump onto the review of Fedus Kansa Wand or bronze facial massager

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When I saw this Kansa wand on Amazon, the first thing that came to my mind was the Kansa Thali or plate that I saw in my moms house when I was a kid. Though we never used it, but it was used in my grandmother’s time. Kansa or form bronze is a metal made by mixing copper and tin. It was used by our ancestors to make various things like weapons, d├ęcor items and healing tools. Soon they realized it can also be used for skin care benefits by using it on various parts of body by pressing the energy or marma points. Kansa metal is known to balance the pH level of the skin by neutralizing the acid content in the body.

The one I bought is small and particularly used for face and feet. The kansa wand is a facial massage tool made of Kansa wand and wooden handle. The top of the Kansa wand is yellowish golden in Color with a smooth surface. The handle is also very comfortable to hold. The Kansa wand comes in a cylindrical wooden box with a metal lid. I also got a leaflet containing the instructions but I missed it somewhere so haven’t posted the picture. 

How to use Kansa wand?

I followed the steps mentioned in the channel Shikha Khandelwal. Here is the link 

1. Apply little amount of oil or serum on your clean face and neck. I use jojoba oil.

2. I then apply a drop of oil on my wand and massage it gently all over my skin.

3. On the forehead, I do circular motions in 8 pattern and zig zag whereas on cheeks I go in outward direction from the nose focusing on the marma points.

4. Do the clockwise and anti clockwise motion from chin to the outer part of the ears.

5. On the neck part, I do zig zag or bottom to up direction.

I particularly use Kansa wand at night time as I get blackheads if I leave face oil on my face during day time. It is also said that if you get grey color on your face whilst using Kansa wand that indicates your toxins are coming out and your skin is getting cleaned.

The Kansa wand can also be used for hair and feet massage. I haven’t tried both but as soon as I will try, will update here.

I use the Kansa wand twice or thrice a week and it had made a visible change in my skin. My skin looks plump, healthy and radiant. There are less acne and pimples since the time I am using it. I won’t say it will give a 100 watt glow but it reflects the inner glow. I am very happy with the Kansa wand results on my skin and can’t wait to try it out on my hair and feet.

How to take care of Kansa wand?

After using it, wash it off with a mild soap and dry it completely before putting it back in the box. Don’t use vitamin c or any other acidic serum as it might react with the Kansa.

Have you tried Kansa wand? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



  1. Never tried a facial wand but I do use other items to massage my face, usually while using a serum. I am glad your face skin supports oils, mine doesn't, it bloks my pores and creates comedogenic problems.
    Thank you for allowing me to discover another interesting anti-age and face toner object. These massagers also help relaxation.

    1. I would love to know what other tools you use Flo!


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