Friday, July 16, 2021

Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash Review

I have used a lot of products from Morpheme Remedies and have been very impressed with their results. Please go to the search bar and type Morpheme Remedies and you will find all the products I tried. I will also leave the links at the end of this post. Today I am going to review Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash that I have been using for at least a month.

Price- ₹399 for 120ml it’s always on discount BUY ONLINE 

Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash comes in a sturdy, green opaque cylindrical plastic bottle with a clear pull off lid. As soon as you pull off the lid, you will find a pump dispenser and you just need to press it to dispense the right amount of product. The packaging is light and can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of leakage or spillage. The face wash is pale yellow in color with a mixed scent of vinegar and rose. Initially I didn’t like the smell but now I am used to it. 

The face wash has gel consistency and lathers easily. I need 2-3 pumps for my entire face and neck. It rinses off easily and does not leave greasy residue behind. It cleanses the skin effectively removing all oil, dirt without drying out the skin at all. It does control oil but never dried out my combination skin. It has organic apple cider vinegar that maintains the ph levels of the skin. 

I have acne prone skin and it doesn’t help in preventing or treating pimples and acne. It just cleanses the skin really well without drying out the skin. It’s good for oily, normal and combination skin.


  • Lathers easily.
  • Cleanses the skin really well.
  • Soap free.
  • Does not dry out the skin.
  • No sulphates or paraben. It's soap free!
  • Good for oily, normal and combination skin.
  • Always on discount.
  • Travel friendly packaging.


  • A bit weird scent.
  • Pricey if not on discount. 

Overall Thoughts:

Morpheme Remedies Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash is a good face wash for everyday cleansing. It is mild yet effective in cleansing the skin. It maintains the ph balance of the skin. I am not very fond of its fragrance so won’t repurchase it.

My Tips-

  1. Always buy Morpheme Remedies products on discount.
  2. Use it twice a day.
  3. Follow it up with a good moisturizer.

Have you tried anything from Morpheme Remedies? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


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