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Top 10 Unscented Baby Wipes in India

Being a mommy of a 3 years old super active toddler, I always make sure to use the best products on my baby. From day 1, I had used baby wipes on my baby to clean poo and all. There were many times when you have to clean your baby’s bottom a lot more times so it is a must to choose baby wet wipes wisely. I had used a hell lot of brands and these are my top 10 picks when it comes to unscented or less scented baby wipes. My baby used to get rashes whenever I used heavily scented baby wipes on her.

Here are the top 10 fragrance-free baby wipes in India 2021:

1. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes (Unscented)

I had used Mother Sparsh Unscented Baby Wipes when my daughter was a baby and I totally loved them. They are the gentlest wipes I have ever used. They contain 99% water with absolutely no harmful chemicals. They are so soft and gentle that they can be used on newborns and even babies with sensitive skin. They are even safe to be used for hands and mouth cleaning. The flap lock ensures that the wipes are safe and do not get dry. They are wet enough and feel soft on the baby’s bum. I had never faced rashes or redness in my baby’s skin whilst using it.

I still use Mother Sparsh Unscented Baby Wipes to clean my daughter’s hands when she plays in the park especially sand pits. They are soft and as they contain 99% water; they are completely safe. I also use them to clean my makeup when I am in hurry, to wipe out my face after a workout, to clean my makeup brushes and the list goes on.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know how I dislike strong fragrances in my products. Mother Sparsh Unscented Wipes are fragrance-free hence completely safe on baby’s delicate skin. They are 100% biodegradable thus safe for the environment.

2. Little’s Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

I have also used them on my baby and I loved they are gentle to the baby’s skin. The wipes are infused with the goodness of aloe Vera, jojoba oil and vitamin e. They are clinically tested and paraben and alcohol-free. They are less scented and quite gentle to the baby’s skin. They have never caused rashes on my baby. Littles wipes are a soft blend with 98% water. It has an equal blend of polyester and viscose which helps to retain moisture for a long time and prevents tear while wiping. They are dermatologically safe and ph balanced ensuring better safety for your baby.

3. Mothercare Non-Fragrance Baby Wipes

These are also fragrance-free and free from harsh chemicals. They are very soft and cleanses the skin gently. They never caused rashes on my baby’s skin. The wipes are infused with baby lotion that makes it feel soft on the baby’s skin. They also contain natural extracts of chamomile and aloe Vera that prevents dryness and rashes on the baby’s skin.

4. Chicco Baby Moments Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes

Chicco Wipes are made with soft non-woven fabric that gently cleanses a baby’s skin during a diaper change or can be used for face and hands. They are infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Chamomile that are moisturizing to the baby’s skin. The wipes keep the baby’s skin soft and nourished after cleansing. They are paraben-free and clinically tested and absolutely safe for babies.

5. Luvlap Sensitive Baby Wipes

Luvlap Sensitive skin baby wipes are made especially for babies with sensitive skin. They contain vitamin e and are dermatologically safe. They are paraben, alcohol and fragrance-free. They are super soft and very gentle on the baby’s skin. They can be used to wipe mouth, hands and body.

6. Minimonks Water based Baby Wipes

Minimonks baby wipes are 100% chemical-free with no artificial fragrance used. They do not contain alcohol, phenols, parabens, SLS or any other harmful chemicals that make them completely safe for babies. They are made with non-woven fabric and thick viscose material that retains moisture and gently cleanses the skin without causing rashes. These are also water-based wipes and contain aloe extract that moisturizes the baby’s skin after cleansing.

7. Waterwipes Baby Wipes

Waterwipes Baby Wipes are 99.9% purified water-based wipes. They are gentle enough to be used on newborn babies. These wipes contain only two ingredients 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract. They are fragrance, parabens and sulfate-free. They are suitable for premature, newborn and sensitive skin.

8. Goat Bamboo Baby Wipes

These are Australian-made baby wipes that are gentle and free from chemicals. They contain aloe Vera, goat milk and vitamin e. These wipes are made from a fragrance-free, soft bamboo cloth to gently cleanse, soothe and care for your baby’s skin at diaper change time.

9. The Little Lookers Sensitive Baby Wipes

These fragrance-free and alcohol-free wipes are enriched with aloe Vera and vitamin e that keep the baby’s skin soft after cleaning. They are thick, soft and contain hypoallergenic ingredients that are clinically tested to ensure that they do not cause any irritation to your baby.

10. Mama joy Water Baby Wipes

Mama joy water baby wipes are made of soft and thick biodegradable fabric along with 99% purified water. The wipes are free of artificial fragrances, parabens, alcohol, dyes or sulfates. They are gentle enough for a baby’s skin as they are free of plastic and harmful chemicals. It can be used on a baby’s face, hands, feet and body.

I have personally used all these baby wipes for my baby and I feel the most gentle are the water-based baby wipes. They are not only gentle but are infused with almost no chemicals and completely safe on your baby’s delicate skin. As my toddler is now diaper, I still have wipes at my home to remove makeup and for traveling purposes to clean kids' hands after they make a mess. If you ask me about my favorite baby wipes, I would say it’s Mother Sparsh as I have been using them for quite a long time with no irritation. They are easy to carry and do not dry over a period of time.

If your baby has sensitive skin then I would really suggest you from personal experience to use fragrance-free and water-based wipes. Also, look for the wipes that are thick and feel soft on the skin. You can use water and cotton at home but I had used only wipes for my baby without any issues.

Which is your favorite baby wipes? Share in the comments section below!

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  1. It is important to use free fragrance and free harmful chemicals products on babies and toddlers. Your post is very informative!

  2. I have used Mama Joy wipes and they are actually great in producing this product.. very informative blog di..

    1. Yes all these wipes do not cause rashes in babies! Thanks so much dear!

  3. Finding a wipes that work for our kid is a hectic task


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