Monday, March 8, 2021

My Online Shopping Experience with Exclusive Lane

 As you all know I love doing online shopping and after shifting to our new home, I have been shopping for home décor items a lot especially Indian handicrafts items. I had been looking for small plates and bowls for quite a long time and when I saw these beautiful pieces on Exclusive Lane, I knew I had to get them. Today I am going to share my online shopping experience with Exclusive Lane*.

Though I do loads of online shopping but this was the first time I had shopped from Exclusive Lane. They deal in traditional and authentic handicrafts items like wooden, terracotta and ceramic. It is super easy to shop at Exclusive Lane. The layout is neat and easy to navigate. You simply need to sign up and create an account and yay you are ready to shop. They have only given the option of signing up through email. I hope they would include signing up through Facebook and google as you don’t need to remember password every time you sign in. 

To be able to shop for plates and bowls that I bought, you need to go to Dining section and then serve ware. You can there lots of beautiful handmade plates, bowls, dinner sets, trays and chapati boxes. You can find products related to kitchen storage, drink ware, tableware etc. Apart from kitchen items, you can find products related to décor, garden, lighting, jewelry and other collections. 

I chose to order small size plates and chutney bowls made of ceramic that belongs to luxury section. In luxury section, you are being given 1 year replacement warranty. You can find high quality, finely crafted exclusive designs under this section. 

I got a tEarhen Turquoise Hand Glazed Side or quarter size plates and chutney and pickle bowls (₹1875 after discount) that both belong to luxury collection.

The quarter size plates are made of ceramic and of very high quality. These plates belong to the Goan Paradise collection that is inspired by the picturesque beaches of Goa. The front of the plates is glossy turquoise blue Color in a pastel tone and the base is a sober earthen brown colored terracotta like matte finish. The plates are ideal for serving chapatis, breads or appetizers. I use it for serving appetizers, salads, fruits and desserts. These are 100% lead free and microwave and dishwasher safe. These days I buy everything that is dishwasher safe. 

The second product I got is a set 2 Amber & Studio Pottery Chutney & Pickle Bowls (₹425 after discount). This set also belongs to the luxury collection. It’s super pretty and I got lots of compliments from my family and friends. The set is inspired by the rich and exuberant ancient heritage of the Roman Empire and the volcanic eruption of Pompeii. These are also 100% lead free and dishwasher and microwave safe. I use them to serve chutneys, pickles and dips. They are glossy and look super attractive.

I got my package within 2 days and I was amazed how well everything was packed. All the plates and bowls were completely safe. Exclusive Lane provides free shipping on prepaid orders. They also do international shipping. 

Overall I am super happy doing online shopping with Exclusive Lane and would happily recommend it to all of you. They have really unique and high quality items and I am sure you would love the collection.

Have you shopped from Exclusive Lane? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



  1. Love the photos, I have not tried shopping from this site.

    1. They have really unique and high quality items. You must try it!

  2. I don't get to see lately home made pottery. Lovely products and nowadays the fact that it can be safely used on microwave and dishwasher it turns very useful.

    1. I was super happy when i heard it is dishwasher safe!

  3. Your blog is very helpful for me. I am impressed to read your blog and get more information about makeup. You have described all points very clearly.

  4. You picked up a really nice things 😍😍


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