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Mom & World Youth Night Repair Under Eye Serum Review

I have raved about Mom & World Radiant Boost Brightening Under Eye Cream last year. I loved it a lot as it had treated my dry eye area really well. Eye cream or serum is a must have in my skincare regime. After finishing my favorite under eye cream, I bought Mom & World Under Eye Serum as the summer has already started and I need light yet moisturizing eye serum for my eye area. I had used it for almost a month and here is my review on Mom & World Youth Night Repair Under Eye Serum.

Price- ₹449 for 25ml


Mom & World Youth Night Repair Under Eye Serum comes in a white and pink cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it. The actual eye serum comes in a clear frosted bottle with a pump packaging. The lid on the pump dispenser is quite fragile and mine got cracked with one fall. The glass is partly see through thus allowing you to check how much product is left in the bottle. The serum is golden yellow in color with gel like consistency. 

The ingredients list looks so good!

I simply pump once onto my hands and gently pat it around my eye area. I need a little less than a pump for both my eyes. The serum has strong fragrance that I totally dislike especially in eye serum. It gets faded as soon as it gets absorbed. It has lightweight texture and gets absorbed almost instantly. It is oil free and does not leave any residue behind which I really adore. It makes my eyes area look more healthy due to the effective ingredients contained in it like rose water, cucumber, caffeine, vitamin c, aloe vera, saffron, licorice etc. They not only keep skin healthy but also help to lighten dark circles. It does not leave a sheen behind and leaves my skin feeling soft, silky and moisturizing. Although I do not have fine lines but I feel it does plump up the skin making it look smoother and firmer. I don’t have prominent dark circles but it does lighten the rings around the eye cream that’s caused due to lack of sleep. 

Though the fragrance is quite strong but still I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using it. It is advised to use the eye serum at bedtime but since it is quite light, I use it twice a day.


  • Comes in a glass bottle which is compact and functional.
  • The serum has to be applied on its own.
  • Pump bottle is hygienic.
  • Gel consistency.
  • Gets absorbed within seconds.
  • Makes eye area smooth thus makes concealer application easy.
  • Reduces puffiness (I don’t have puffiness so haven’t experienced in that aspect).
  • Reduces light circles and brightens the area.
  • Lasts long as small amount is needed each time.
  • Prevents wrinkles.
  • Paraben free!


  • Strong fragrance.
  • Might not work on people with major dark circles.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I didn’t find Mom & World Under Eye Serum very effective. It’s just like any other eye cream that moisturizes the eye area. I prefer fragrance free eye products as it is quite a delicate area. I wish the brand reads my review and work on this fragrance part. 

My Tips-

  1. Apply eye serum right after you are done with your skincare regimen.
  2. Apply eye serum regularly to get healthy eye area.

Have you Mom & World products? Did you like them? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!



  1. The fact that has a good ingredient list and is a cruelty free product got me interestex but I don't know if I could use a product with such an intence fragrance... especially in that area...

    1. I too dont recommend fragranced products on eye area!

  2. I am sure many would pick this product just to keep their under eye area hydrated.. thanks for the detailed review dii... <3

    1. Its really good for moisturizing your eye area!

  3. I usually do not prefer products with strong fragrance


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