Thursday, November 19, 2020

St Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Body Lotion Review

 I use body lotions no what what the weather or season it is! My normal skin thrives for a body lotion each time i step out of the shower! I love to try new body lotions and this time I ordered St Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Body Lotion! I emptied the whole bottle and here is my honest review on it!

Price- Rs 640 for 200ml


St Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Body Lotion comes in a sturdy orange plastic bottle with a white pump lid. The packaging is quite neat and simple. The lid has a twist to open and close and thus the bottle can be easily carried around in a handbag without any fear of leakage or spillage. The scent is citrus-y and has yummy orange scent. If you have sensitive nose then you might like it. It is pure white in color though looking at the bottle i thought it would be orange.

The texture of the body lotion is soft and smooth. It has fairly good consistency. It is neither too thick nor too runny. It is applied on the skin effortlessly though it takes a bit of time to massage and gets blend into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. It contains shea and kokum butter that keep skin moisturized the whole day. After applying the lotion, I don’t feel the need to wash any remaining product from my hands. Although the lotion is lightweight but it takes good care of my normal body skin. The scent is fresh and lingers with me for quite a few hours. I don’t feel the need to reapply the lotion throughout the day. As it does not contain sunscreen I make sure to apply one to protect my skin from harmful sun rays. It is extremely mild and gentle and is suitable for daily use. It does not cause any adverse effects to my skin. As it is meant for normal skin, I do not think it will suit dry skin as it is not quite rich enough to quench thirsty skin. It has Vitamin C, E, B3, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, olive oil that brightens up the skin!

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• Soft and smooth texture.

• Good consistency.

• Citrus-y scent.

• Lightweight and non greasy formula.

• Makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized for a long time.

• Decently priced.

• Easily available.

• Works on tan!

• Great for normal and oily skin.

• Travel friendly packaging.

• No harmful chemicals.


• Takes time to get absorbed when compared to other body lotions!

Overall Thoughts:

Overall I loved St Botanica Vitamin C Body Lotion. It is lightweight yet moisturizes the skin really well! It contains all the good ingredients especially Vitamin c and e that not only keeps the skin soft but also brightens it up. It did work on my tan and made my skin even! I would happily recommend it to everyone!

My Tips:

  • Use the body lotion right after the shower!
  • Make sure you close the pump lid in case you are carrying it in your bag!

Have you tried St Botanica Vitamin C Body Lotion? Did you like it? Do you prefer using body lotions that have vitamin c in them? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & loads of 💓!



  1. a body lotion is so much required in this season.. and this royal colour is making me tp use this one for sure..

  2. I am currently using almond oil as moisturizer, I will check it out.

    1. do check it out. almond oil used to be my fav during pregnancy :)

  3. Oh so nice product, the vitaminc C is probably one of my favorite ingredients

  4. I have noticed you talking about this product on social networks and it got me interesting in trying vitamin C in my skin care.
    Great review, very precise and detailed.

    1. Thank you so much flo!you must inculcate vitamin c in your skin care routine!


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