Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Born Pretty Marble Nail Foil Review

It's been a very long time since I did a nail post! Oh and I really missed it! Happy Dussehra everyone! may you all be blessed with health and wealth!

Without any further ado, let's start today's post and as I told you above it's about nail art which is my favorite thing! Today I am going to review Born Pretty Marble Nail Foil*. Previously I had reviewed leopard nail foil which is amazing too!

Price- $1.29/ Rs 90 approx


Born Pretty Store Nail Foil Transfer comes in a small and cute clear plastic jar with a white screw top lid. The jar is quite light and can be easily carried around in a bag. The nail art foil comes in the form of roll and is a very thin foil with marble design on its face. It comes in 2 colors and I chose #1!

Application of the nail foil is easy but little time consuming than stickers and nail art water decals. Here are the step by step instructions on how to apply nail art foils:

• Cut nail foils into pieces large enough to cover the whole nail.

• Apply a base coat. Here I have used Faces Cosmetics Nail Polish in White O White. Let it dry completely.

• Apply nail glue. Make sure you apply a thin layer of glue. Let it dry completely or when it is slightly gloopy or tacky. The key to remember is when the glue turns its color from white to transparent. This time I didn't have had a glue so I used a top coat and it worked pretty well too!

• Place the foil with face up and rub it using a cotton bud. Do not forget to press it at the edges of the nails.

• Peel off the foil gently. In this case I have not let my top coat get dried properly and all I got are the patches.

• Apply a thin layer of top coat. Do not apply lots of top coat else it would shrink the foil badly.

The nail foils look really pretty and unique on my nails. They do not tend to get messy and I love how light they feel on my nails. As I am not so good in applying nail foils, I applied white nail paint as base polish to fill up the blanks that were left while peeling off. They lasted on my nails for a good 7-8 days without peeling, dulling or chipping. I absolutely loved how elegant and classy my nails look with these nail foils. I loved the patchy design I ended up with and I got many compliments too :). The nail foil comes off easily using a nail polish remover and does not create a mess.


•    Easy to use.

•    Looks elegant on nails. If you love pastels, you will love it!

•    Feels extremely light on nails.

•    Lasts for a week.

•    Gives a beautiful and unique look to the nails! This design is Born Pretty's best selling nail foil!

•    Easy to remove.

•    Born Pretty Store provides International shipping.


•    It shrinks when a thick layer of top coat is applied.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall as always I loved Born Pretty Nail Foil. The foil looks really pretty and unique on the nails and goes well with almost all outfits, be it western or traditional! It looks prettier in person! it lasts really long on my nails and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

My Tips:

•    Apply only a thin layer of glue and apply the foil when it is tacky.

•    Apply a thin layer of top coat to avoid shrinkage of foil.

Do you like nail glue? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!



  1. I truly love BPS products.. the quality is also amazing...

    1. Yes not a single product of theirs disappointed me.

  2. I will stick with water decals, as I am bit lazy when it comes to nail foil

  3. It looks like an easy and economicaly way to do manicure, sadly for the problem when appliying the top coat...

  4. Wow, this unique foil motif for nails ... is also practical to use.
    I have to tell this foil to my sister. Regards


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