Tuesday, March 31, 2020

oNecklace Personalized Jewelry Review

If you know me well or read my blog regularly, you would know I LOVE personalized jewelries. Recently I came across a brand oNecklace that sells high quality personalized jewelries with free worldwide shipping. When I see free worldwide shipping, I am all in to do shopping. oNecklace has been featured in British Vogue and on the popular TV shows Pretty a Little Liars and The Talk. Being a Swarovski fan, I ordered oNecklace Swarovski Name Necklace* for myself which is personalized with the addition of your Swarovski birthstone.

Price- $57.95/ ₹4000 approx (after discount) 

oNecklace Name Necklace comes in a soft, white leather case with a string closure to enclose it. The actual product comes attached on a cardboard packaging and looks really classy, delicate and girly.

The name necklace is made from the finest quality sterling silver and is very light. It had Swirling design and a heart symbol that looks very stylish and unique. You can choose the material as per your choice out of 3 and I chose rose Gold color. You are then asked for birthstone and me being November born chose yellow topaz. I chose to go for 14” chain length as I prefer short chains over long ones. It is rose gold plated box chain and is of really good quality.  The spring ring clasp is very easy to open and close and doesn’t require assistance.

The pendant is carved beautifully and looks really elegant and pretty. It complements well with all outfits that I really adore.  It can dress up any boring outfits but I love wearing it with black outfits to make it stand out. I get compliments from people each time I wear it. The chain is quite sturdy and looks pretty on neck. It is of good quality and does not cause any allergy or reaction. The clasp is quite strong and is easy to open and close. The pendant feels quite light and does not tend to spin around or gets tangled. It is of good size and does not look tacky. I think it would look great on all girls and women. The necklace looks lovely and unique and would definitely make a beautiful gift especially on valentines, moms day or anniversary.

It is one of the best personalized jewelry I own till date.

  • Elegant and unique.
  • Attractive.
  • A delicate gift you can give to your partner.
  • High quality jewelry.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • Best personalized jewelry I own.
  • Hallmarked metal.
  • Nickel free.

  • None.

Overall Thoughts:
oNecklace name necklaces are of high quality that look really elegant and classy. The Swarovski pendant makes it look all the more attractive. I am truly in love with it and would highly recommend it to everyone.

My Tips:
  1. It comes with a soft jewelry cloth so make sure you clean it after wearing it.
  2. Always wear your jewelry at the end so it doesn’t come in contact with makeup or lotions.

Did you like oNecklace jewellery that I got?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


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