Friday, January 17, 2020

NaturZest 100% Natural Massage Oil Review

I love massage oils and they give instant relief to my tired body. On our vacation to Kerala, I took NaturZest 100% Natural Massage Oil with me and wow I could not have feel better. It was so relaxing and soothing to my tired muscles after a long day tour. NaturZest is an Indian skin care brand that provides natural and pure products that are free of chemicals.

Price: ₹295 for 100ml 

NaturZest Massage Oil comes in a small clear plastic bottle with a black flip top lid. The packaging comes fully sealed in a plastic wrapper to ensure that it has not been opened or used. It is travel friendly and can be easily carried around in a bag without any fear of spillage or leakage. The oil is clear with lovely and mesmerizing scent of lavender and geranium. The scent is light yet very relaxing and would not cause headaches.

The consistency of the massage oil is just perfect. It is neither very thick nor very thin. I simply pour small amount of oil onto my palms and rub it all over my body. It gets absorbed very quickly and does not sit on the surface. I do not feel the need to rub it for a long time. The scent is super relaxing and instantly soothes my mind, nerves and body. I then take a warm shower and voila my skin feels super soft, smooth, silky and radiant. My skin had never looked this glowing before. It improves the skin texture drastically. I have normal body skin that gets a bit dry in winters but it will work well on all skin types in this harsh winter. The massage oil contains virgin coconut oil, lavender and geranium oil that are effective in keeping skin extra moisturized and healthy. It will last long as only a small quantity is needed each time. 

• Light consistency.
• Gets absorbed easily.
• Easy to apply.
• Soothing and relaxing scent.
• A mixed blend of various oils.
• Easy to wash off.
• Does not leave greasy residue behind but gets absorbed into the skin.
• Makes skin super soft, silky and radiant.
• Calms the senses and tensed muscles.
• Reasonably priced.
• Easily available.
• Travel friendly packaging.
• Safe to use as it natural.

• Coconut oil solidifies in winter and you have to dip it in hot water for the oil to melt.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall NaturZest Massage Oil has become my favorite body massage oil these days. It soothes and relaxes tensed and tired muscles. It’s great for almost everyone be it office goers, college students, homemaker or a mom.

My Tips:
  • Make sure you melt it before you go into the bathroom (in winters!).
  • Leave it on for an hour or overnight. I prefer to leave it on for 15-20 minutes as I have a toddler.
  • If you don’t like oil on your skin wash it off with warm water and a mild body wash.
  • Keep it with you whilst traveling.
Do you use massage oils?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. I love the smell of lavender so I bet this smells great. Don’t use massage oils, but now I might have to have

    1. You must try natural massage oils. They gave immense relaxation.

  2. Sach me oil massage k baad skin per bahut accha glow aata hai, main mostly oil massage k baad overnight rakhti hu
    Body n mind bahut relax ho jaata hai
    Ye oil accha n affordable hai 👍👍

    1. Aap ye try karo. I bet you will get addicted to it.

    2. You can try this Relaxing Magic Massage Oil.
      Contact me for more details or for placing order.

  3. Replies
    1. Sure you can order this Relaxing Magic Massage Oil by emailing me on naturzest [ @ ] gmail [.com].
      Or for other options to order check my profile. I will be happy to send your order almost anywhere in India

  4. I am down with a terrible cold in these days and I crave for a massage like a pregnant woman craves for chocolate or ice cream. I have pure coconut oil at home and during winter I do have this problem, it solidifies very easily. I would be very curious to try this product because I also see lavender and geranium oil among the ingredients.

    1. Just dip it in hot water and it liquidifies within 5 minutes. This oil is a bliss flo❤

  5. Thank you Megha, for this wonderful review. I am very happy to know that you like it. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

    1. Thanks dear. I am definitely gonna buy it once it gets over :)


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