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Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion Review

As you all know, I hardly change my baby's skincare products but when I was gifted Mee Mee products by the brands, I tried them without giving a second thought as it is one such brand that I trust a lot. Today I am going to review Mee Mee Baby Lotion that I have been using for the last few weeks. It has already been finished and I have ordered it again as I loved it a lot for my baby.

mee mee baby body lotion
Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion

Price- Rs 99 for 100ml

Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion comes in an opaque and sturdy white plastic bottle with a pink flip top lid. The bottle is travel friendly and you can easily carry it around anywhere without any fear of leakage or spillage in your bag.

mee mee baby lotion ingredients
Description of Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion
mee mee soft baby lotion
Flip top lid makes it very easy to use
mee mee baby body lotion review
Swatch of Mee Mee Soft Baby Lotion

The consistency of the lotion is really good and it is neither very thick or very thin. The baby lotion is light pink in color with mild and very pleasant scent. I really love sniffing my baby after i apply it on her. It gets absorbed quickly and works well in all seasons. It does not feel heavy and makes her skin very soft, smooth and moisturized. I moisturize her twice daily and it keeps her skin nourished throughout the year. It is infused with chamomile that keeps skin super soft. Anaaya has not suffered any kind of skin irritation due to this lotion.

This lotion should be used on your baby's body and not on face! Use it after shower for best results!

- Easy to use packaging.
- Mild fragrance.
- Makes skin soft, smooth and moisturized.
- Does not cause skin irritation.
- No parabens.
- Contains chamomile and olive oil.
- I love using it as a hand cream and my hands are baby soft.

- Could not think of any!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I am very happy with Mee Mee Baby Lotion. It is mild and keeps baby's skin super soft and moisturized even with changing season. I would definitely recommend it to all mommies to try it out.

Which baby lotion do you use on your baby?

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  1. Reading about this brand for the first time

  2. Good review as always. After reading this post, I feel this is worth trying and safe to use on babies.

  3. Good, aapke review k baad main apni relative ko yehi recommend karne wali hu 😊


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