Friday, September 13, 2019

MOND'SUB Gold Facial Sheet Mask Review

If you read my blog regularly, you would know how much I adore sheet masks. They not only  bring radiance to my skin but also hydrates it. Today I am going to review MOND'SUB Gold Facial Sheet Mask that I gave it to my cousin as it was not for my acne prone skin. So if you have acne prone skin then you may close the tab :)

MOND'SUB Gold Facial Sheet Mask

Price- Rs 250 for 60g BUY ONLINE

This sheet is very unique and different from all other sheet masks I have seen. It comes packed in a thick clear plastic case. You can see liquid-y serum filled in the pack. All the information is printed over the pack.

You can read all the description here
The sheet mask is golden in color and has rubbery kind of texture. It is quite big in size and you need to adjust it to fit it to your face. The scent is mild and soothing to the senses. After cleansing your face with a face wash, apply the sheet mask on your dry skin and lay down and relax. Remove the sheet after 15 minutes and massage the serum gently over the face.

The sheet mask makes the face soft, hydrated and healthy. It gives a bright look to the skin! It belongs to the crystal collagen series. One thing that my cousin told is the serum is very liquid-y and almost feels like water. You have to very careful I'm applying it as the serum drips whilst application. If you are above 25 then you can try this sheet .ask as it gives a smooth look to the skin. When you have no time to visit a parlor you can definitely opt for this sheet mask as it instantly gives glow to the skin and makes it look so healthy.

  1. Easy to tear packaging.
  2. Mild and pleasant scent.
  3. Sheet Mask feels nice to the skin.
  4. Instantly hydrates the skin.
  5. Does not feel sticky.
  6. Gives a beautiful glow to the skin.
  7. Suits all skin types except acne prone skin.
  8. Available in discount.
  1. The sheet mask is dripping wet.
  2. Might not suit acne prone skin as it contains comedogenic ingredients.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall MOND'SUB Gold Facial Sheet Mask Isa great alternative to the facial if you are in hurry and have no time for parlor. It gives instant glow to the skin that last for 2 days. My cousin used this sheet mask before attending a function and she loved how healthy and smooth her skin looked.

Have you tried any sheet mask from MOND'SUB?

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Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. I wouldn't want to try this as my combination skin would not like it I feel.. Thanks for honest review

    1. as far as i know your skin it does not break out. you can try it!

  2. Replies
    1. wow glad it didnt break out despite your acne prone skin


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