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Modicare Schloka Purifying Neem and Gotukola Face Wash Review

I have heard and read really good reviews about Modicare products. Recently I tried Modicare Schloka Purifying Neem and Gotukola Face Wash. I had tried it for 15 days and here is my review on it. If you have oily or normal skin then you must read it till end.

modicare schloka face wash
Modicare Schloka Purifying Neem and Gotukola Face Wash

Price- Rs 198 for 60ml
You can buy it through Modicare's consultants or at Modicare Distribution Points or Modicare Success Centres or Modicare Lifestyle Centres.

schloka face wash review
Description & Ingredients
schloka purifying neem & gotukola face wash
A travel friendly packaging
schloka neem face wash
This is how the face wash looks

Modicare Schloka Purifying Neem and Gotukola Face Wash comes in a silver glossy cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The actual face wash comes in a rather squeezable silver plastic tube with a flip top lid. The flip top lid is very convenient to use and the tube can be easily carried around in a bag without any dear of leakage or spillage. The packaging is fairly simple yet attractive to look at. The face wash is light green in color. The scent is very pleasant and mild. I literally could not detect what it actually smells of. I am so bad in identifying the scents 

The texture of the face wash is soft and smooth with gel like consistency. I take 50p sized amount of face wash for both face and neck and it creates a good amount of lather that feels really soft and nice on the skin. It gives a feeling of thorough cleansing. It washes away really quickly and does not leave greasy or sticky residue behind. My skin feels fresh, smooth and thoroughly cleansed without any tightness. It removes dirt, oil and non waterproof makeup effectively. If you have waterproof makeup on your skin then you must first remove it with a makeup remover or wipes and then follow it up with this face wash. The smell does not linger with me and fades away as soon as it is rinsed off. With the changes in weather, I now have combination skin- dry on the cheeks and oily at T zone. It does not tighten my skin and I do not feel the need to moisturize my face immediately. It does help in preventing and reducing pimples after a few days of continuous usage and keeps the skin clean and fresh. It also helps in keeping the skin even and balanced. It contains Neem and Gotukola that are a boon for pimple prone, marks and ageing skin. I have not faced any adverse effects whilst using it. 

1. Mild scent.
2. Travel friendly packaging.
3. Creates good lather.
4. Makes skin smooth, clean and clear.
5. Prevents pimples and acne.
6. Suits oily, normal or acne prone skin.
7. Does not break me out.
8. Does not dry out the skin.
9. Indeed a quality face wash.

1. Available only through consultants.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am super happy with Modicare Schloka Purifying Neem and Gotukola Face Wash. It keeps my acne prone skin clean, clear and smooth. It also evens out the skin tone. It removes excess oil and keeps oil at bay without drying it out. I would highly recommend it everyone with oily, acne prone or normal skin.

My Tips:
1. Use only coin sized amount for your face and neck.
2. You must try if you are suffering from pimples or acne.

Have you tried Modicare products?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. Few years ago, I had tried Modicare skincare products,.. Nice review

  2. Isko maine instagram per dekha tha, brand to bahut achcha hai, maine inka perfume n shyad lipstick bhi use ki hai aur household products n oral care products buy kiye hain

    1. literally bohot promising brand hai. mai bhi iske dusre products try zarur karugi!

  3. Good face wash that doesn't trigger acne

  4. I recently replaced all my cleaning products and using modicare. It's very good. I would like to try skin care products for oily acne prone skin but some reviews are good and some not. Don't know which one to buy.

    1. I have reviewed few modicare products on my blog. You can check the reviews. Please use the search bar.


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