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Kosmea Illuminate Collection

Before talking about this kit, let me tell I got this courier quite late. I am not sure if this kit is still available but this is the best kit if you love Kosmea or are very fond of skincare! Let me tell I have used many products of this brand and it is one of the best brands I have tried till date! Kosmea Illuminate Collection kit is great to carry anywhere with you or if you are the first time user and looking for trial sizes then this is for you!
kosmea illuminate collection
Kosmea Illuminate Collection 

Price- $59.95/ Rs 4000 approx 
It's not available on Kosmea website anymore!

The Illuminate Collection contains seven Kosmea favourites and best sellers beautifully packaged in a classic, white, quilted cosmetic bag. The bag is really very good and of very high quality. With over $100.00 of value the collection is outstanding price, retailing for only $59.95!

The Illuminate Collection contains a comprehensive selection of the range to cleanse, hydrate, and revitalise skin whilst helping to combat fine lines and wrinkles. All products are conveniently sized under 100mL, making them the perfect addition to in-flight carry-on luggage, or to trial the range for the first time.
kosmea hydrating rosewater mist
The bag is just too good!
kosmea australia review
The sample sizes 

Kosmea Illuminate Collection contains:
Eighth Natural Wonder® Revitalising Facial Serum 15mL
This revitalising facial serum provides skin with protection against free radicals to help fight the visible signs of ageing. Since it contains comedogenic ingredients, I already passed it to my mom and she found it to be the serum of all.

Radiance 24/7 Youth Boost 10mL
A unique blend of antioxidant rich berry oils combine to give your skin a powerful hydrating boost, leaving skin looking radiant and youthful. I had used it long back and it is one of the best face oils for dull and acne prone skin!

Clarifying Facial Wash 20mL
An SLS free foaming facial wash infused with Australian extracts to remove skin impurities and leave skin feeling silky soft. Since it contains Algin which is a highly comedogenic ingredient, I gifted it to my cousin with normal skin!

Daily Facial Exfoliant 20g
A deep cleansing and gentle exfoliant that lifts off impurities, makeup and skin cells using crushed rosehips. I think this scrub has been discontinued but my cousin loved it the core!

Purifying Cream Cleanser 20mL
A gentle, skin nourishing cream cleanser which removes all makeup, dirt and skin impurities. I gave it ot my skin as I have oily, combination skin!

A refreshing facial mist made from delicately distilled rose petals. Spritz during summer days, when travelling, and to set makeup. i use it as a toner and this is the bestest rose water to get fresh and glowing skin! I had already reviewed it on my blog.

Replenishing Moisture Cream 20mL
An antioxidant rich formula with White Tea Extract to protect against the signs of ageing and instantly hydrate skin. Again I gave it to my cousin to try and she loved how soft and hydrated her skin feels after using it!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall. I loved Kosmea Illuminate Collection. It contains all the best sellers in sample sizes that you would love to try and carry with you during your travel! It's no longer available on their website or I must say it has been discontinued but this kit is the best for any skincare lover!

Have you tried Kosmea products?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. My sister would want to have this set if it's readily available in our local stores.

  2. What an excellent review! It's sad that it's not on their site anymore. I think my wife would really like it!

  3. Oh wow! There is so much great stuff here! I want to try all of it, but that rosewater mist is REALLY calling out to me.

  4. I am a sucker for anything that has to do with self-care and beauty products. This entire collection seems amazing!

  5. Kosmea Illuminate Collection Kit is something I would consider trying. I would be excited for the rose water mist which I’ve Heard great things about. Lavern Moore

  6. This is a really affordable product set! I would love to give it a try, by the sounds of it, I'll like it.

  7. Ohhh, I've never heard of this brand before. Definitely a product I could benefit from currently.

  8. This would make such a great gift! I'll have to keep this is mind for my cousin's birthday! Such a great deal :)

  9. It's a lovely pack. Good for self use and great as a gift to loved ones.

  10. It looks like something really cool that is worth a try :) Especiallly the youth boost!

  11. Looks like a great product. I've actually never heard of it but now that it's on my radar, I'm wanting to check it out!

  12. Wow. Thanks for the very in depth review! Love how you consider everything. Anyway, really looking forwars to have this!

  13. i didnt realize how many products a person could use for self-care. i have been use to just simple soap and water. i guess there is really products tailored for every skin 'issues' out there huh. my cousin has always told me there is a routine she follows using a bunch of products. now i sort of understand why.

  14. this was very deja vu when i read this. my cousin always asked me about my skin care routine to which i answer soap and water. she was shocked but not surprised when i stated this. she said it would be wise to get specific products to combat common skin issues i experience.


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