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Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm for soft, rosy lips

Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm Review
Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm
If you ask me the most essential product in my skincare regimen, it would be my lip balm. I need it every time I wash my face. My baby Anaaya is very fond of playing with my lip balms and I literally cannot count how many lip balms I have lost. Believe me they disappeared even when I and my maid searched the whole house. Today i am going to review a new addition in my lip balm collection- Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm that I have been loving a lot these days.

Price- Rs 100 for 3.6g BUY ONLINE 

Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm
Ingredients list
Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm
Swatch of Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm
Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm comes in a sealed plastic blister type pack to ensure that it has not been used or opened. The actual product comes in a white lipstick style packaging with a clear pull off lid. The base of the tube needs to be twisted to reveal the lip balm just like you use any lipstick. It can also be twisted back to put the lip balm back in the tube. The lid of the lip balm is quite tight and can be easily carried around without any fear of being opened in the makeup bag. The lip balm is pure red in color and has mild scent of strawberries that is pleasant. 

The texture of the lip balm is soft and smooth. It glides smoothly on lips without leaving greasy, heavy or waxy feeling behind. It gets absorbed instantly and makes my lips soft, smooth and nourished. It gives a beautiful red sheen to my lips with absolutely no shimmers that I totally adore. I love using it when I really do not want to do makeup. It instantly brightens up my face and makes me look fresh. If you are fond of tinted lip balms then you might like it. It lasts on my lips for a good 4-5 hours with eating and drinking. It doesn’t taste weird unlike few lip balms. In fact, it does not taste at all. My lips tend to get dry when the weather changes and it really helps in keeping my lips soft and nourished due to the presence of olive oil, kokum butter and petroleum jelly. I also love using it as a base for lipsticks with dry texture. 

- Feels very soothing to the lips especially when you have dry lips!
- No waxy or oily feeling.
- Makes lips soft and moisturized!
- Gives a beautiful red tint to the color. I have pigmented lips and it shows on my lips!
- Lovely fragrance!
- No taste.
- Very easy to use and travel friendly packaging! 
- Treats dry and chapped lips in a single use!

- Contains petroleum jelly and mineral oil!
- No SPF!

Overall Thoughts:
Skinella Strawberry Lip Balm gives soft, smooth and rosy lips. I love how healthy and nourished my lips looks after applying it. I use this alone whenever I have to go outside for small chores and it makes me look fresh and gives a beautiful hint of red on my lips!

- Apply a thin layer if you have normal lips!
- Reapply after every few hours if you have very dry lips!
- Exfoliate your lips at least once a week with a soft, damp cloth to remove dead and dry skin.
- Never share your lip balm with anyone!
- Use a clear lip balm at bedtime!
- Can be applied before and after lipstick!
- To prevent lipstick from sliding off, blot off excess moisture on a clean tissue paper before applying lipstick!

Which is your favorite tinted lip balm?
Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I need this in my life! I love that color. It's just bold enough without being too in your face.

  2. My wife would love this product.I love the fruity balms for their flavor but the colour it adds to the lips keeps me away.

  3. I do love that color. The description makes it sound so yummy to put on your lips!

  4. Wow I def would love to try this out

  5. I hate those waxy feeling lip balms! And I love the color! Looks like a good product!

  6. Ohhh... this looks like something I need to try. I'm all about products like this.

  7. I could use a product like this; especially this time of year! Sounds like an awesome product!

  8. I love tinted lip balms! I should try this out; sounds like a nice product!

  9. Sounds nice. I have to say though, Skinella is kind of a creepy name. The name almost makes it sound like it's made out of skin!

  10. Toni | Boulder LocavoreMarch 26, 2019 at 10:34 PM

    That looks great to try!

  11. Skinella Lip balm seems like a good product. I think my girl would love it!

  12. I have to try that lap balm! Looks amazing

  13. Im so obsessed with lipsticks I neglect the power of a good lip balm. Sometimes lip balms are better because you get a natural look while moisturizing your lips.

  14. That sounds like a nice product. I love a good lip moisturizer with a hint of color.

  15. oooo my lips are often dry and i could really use this! thanks for sharing!

    1. you must always use a lip balm to keep them hydrated!

  16. it looks so cute and summery..i love maybelline and nivea lipbalms a lot :)..would love to try this one..


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