Friday, February 1, 2019

Lotus Natural Kajal Review

I bought Lotus Makeup Natural Kajal on my visit to a mall! Though I have been very happy with Faces Gel Kajal but I wanted a natural kajal for daily use so I thought of buying this Lotus Kajal! Kajal is an essential part of my makeup routine. I look good and awake even if I apply only kajal!

Price- Rs 145 for 4g BUY ONLINE

Lotus Makeup Natural Kajal comes sealed in a blister packaging with all the information written over it! The kajal has lipstick kind of packaging and you just need to twist it to take the kajal in and out! The texture of the kajal is very smooth and applies on my waterline easily. You do need to apply pressure whilst application. Even though it is very black but I need to apply it twice to get that jet black color on my eyes! It does not irritate my eyes in any way and looks absolutely beautiful on my eyes! 

The staying power of the kajal is just average. It stays put for a good 2-3 hours but after that it does not smudge but fade!I do not have watery eyes still it fades quickly! I literally hate those kajal that smudges and makes you look like a panda!

Lotus Makeup Natural Kajal is 100% natural and safe. It contains camphor, licorice and almond oil as key ingredients! I wish the brand had mentioned the full list of ingredients! The brand says it also helps in eye lash growth. 

- East to use!
- Travel friendly packaging!
- Very soft and smooth texture!
- Applies easily!
- Good pigmentation!
- Instantly makes your eyes bright and awake!
- 100% natural!
- Reasonably priced!
- Can be used daily!

- Does not stay on my eyes for long!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Lotus Natural Kajal is good for everyday use!It is natural and safe and does not cause irritation to the eyes! I would not say it is the best kajal but it is safe if you are using kajal everyday!

What is your favorite kajal?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. Wow! This is really amazing! I'm an absolute fan of kohls & I'll try this from Lotus 😊

    1. Oh and I thought I am the last person to use this :D

  2. I used kajal in the past, I stoped doing that because just like you in this case, it didn't lasted long.

  3. this moves everywhere on my face whenever i apply it :D but such kajal make good base for smokey eyes :)

    1. hahaha omg this sounds scary yet funny. Fortunately it does not smudge on my eyes :)


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