Monday, September 10, 2018

Mamaearth Bamboo based Baby Wipes Review

I had used baby wipes from many brands and some were hits while some were totally failure. Today I am going to review Mamaearth Bamboo based Baby Wipes that I have been using on my baby for quite some time.

Price- Rs 249 for 72 wipes BUY ONLINE

The packaging of the baby wipes is really playful and cute. I am so happy that instead of sticker flap, it has plastic lock flap that prevents wipes from getting dry. Usually all baby wipes get dry till you reach the last one so a plastic flap is a big thumbs up.

Mamaearth Baby Wipes are very soft and made from 100% organic bamboo cloth. The scent is however a bit strong for my liking though it won't cause any headache. I prefer mild fragrance in baby's products. It cleanses baby's bum easily without causing rashes. It contains Vitamin E, shea butter, almond oil and aloe vera that keeps baby sensitive skin soft and nourished. I don't use wipes for baby's face but it can be used on face as it is very soft and gentle. The wipes are thick and wet enough to clean baby's bum that I usually look for in baby's wipes. 

- Earth friendly.
- Very soft and gentle on the skin.
- Paediatrician recommended.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Does not cause rashes.
- The bamboo cloth is soft yet thick. It would not tear while cleansing your baby's skin.
- Enriched with almond oil and aloe vera!
- Safe to be used on face and hands when you are traveling.

- A bit strong fragrance.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I like Mamaearth Baby Wipes. They are very soft and gentle on the skin. They do not cause rashes and clean baby's bum easily. It is made from bamboo cloth and completely safe for newborn as well. I would happily recommend it to everyone.

Which baby wipes do you use on your baby?

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  1. Trusted brand ki taraf se baccho k liye ek aur tohfa 👍👍
    Waise ye sabki skin k liye bahut acche hain, inka review bahut accha hai 😊

    1. ha aunty. mamaearth k products bohot ache hai!


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