Friday, September 14, 2018

Bey Bee 98% Water Baby Wipes Review

I always make sure to use soft and wet wipes on my baby's bum. This time I tried a new brand- Bey Bee Baby Wipes that are 98% water wipes. Baby Wipes are definitely unsung heroes when you clean your baby's poo so we, mommies make sure to use the best on our baby. Today i am going to review Bey Bee 98% Water Wipes!

Price- Rs 195 for 80 wipes BUY ONLINE

The baby wipes comes in a bright orange pack with a plastic flap that locks after use. The flap ensures that none of your wipes get dry when not in use. 

The wipes are made of soft and thick fabric and are extremely gentle to the skin. They are wet enough to clean baby's bum without causing rashes or irritation to baby's sensitive skin. It's 98% water wipes thus clean the skin well and do not get dry quickly. They are enriched with vitamin e that keeps baby's skin nourished. 

The fragrance of the wipes is mild and does not cause headache. The best thing is the wipes are alcohol free that I always avoid when purchasing baby wipes.

- Packaging is really good with a flap.
- Lovely fragrance.
- The wipes are nicely wet and clean the bum gently.
- The wipes are thick and soft. 
- 98% water wipes. Wipe baby's bottom easily.
- Alcohol and paraben free.
- Contains vitamin E.
- Do not cause rashes or skin irritation.
- Reasonably priced.
- Hypoallergenic & pH balanced.
- Biodegradable.

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall I loved Bey Bee Water Wipes and included in my baby's basket. The wipes are soft, thick and very gentle to the baby's skin. They are 98% water wipes and completely safe for your baby. I would happily recommend to all mommies!

What baby wipes do you use?

Stay Pretty & Loads of ❤️!


  1. I love to use baby wipes, they are very delicate and moisturizing also for my skin. I see every day your baby is growing up very well, a true cutie like the mum.

    1. I use alcohol free wipes on me! Will try baby wipes as soon as stock gets over :)

      Thank you Flo for the compliment and i agree baby grows so fast <3

  2. Packaging bahut achhi hai 👌👌 colour bhi attractive hai 😊


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