Thursday, March 1, 2018

Khandige Organic Jivanamrtam Review

I had used few products of Khandige Organic and I must say their products are organic and effective. Though I hardly take food supplements but when I read about Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan I knew, I had to try it.

Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan costs Rs 271 for 250g. BUY ONLINE/ BUY ONLINE

Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan comes in a pickle style clear glass bottle with a screw top lid. Everything arrived safely at my place and the glass bottle was not broken. All the information is printed on the bottle

The herbal jam is dark brown in color and contains all herbal ingredients like bilva, satavari, ashwagandha, amka, ghee, jaggery and many more effective ingredients. It tastes just like a chyawanprash and can be taken by kids as well. It has to be taken twice a day- 1 teaspoon for adults and 1/2 teaspoon for children. It can also be used as a jam on toast or bread. It has to be followed by warm milk or green tea.

Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan is rich in vitamin C and helps improve immunity. It helps children to cope with air pollution so if you have kids at your home then you must try it. It helps to fight cold and other allergies. It also improves digestion and activates taste buds. It does not contain preservatives or artificial colors!

I have been taking Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan for the last 2 weeks but since I am not so regular with it due to my one month old baby, I can't actually tell you the results but it does help me in keeping active all day and it tastes really good and not weird like other chyawanprash.

Would you like to try Khandige Organic Jivanamrtan?

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  1. I’ve nevwr heard of this before. But sounds yummy for toast and kids too!

  2. This looks like a great all natural remedy!

  3. I have never heard of this before, from this review it seems that it has a lot of benefits thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s always a good find when you can find a supplement that helps children with their immunity.

  5. I use to eat chawanprash in my childhood. This seems to be good, especially the taste part. I didn't use to like the taste of chawanprash.

  6. This sounds so interesting. Firstly I love the fact it's organic. Secondly, it's great they include the benefits on the packaging.


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