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Pears Shower Gel Review

pears shower gel 250ml
Pears Shower Gel Review
I had never been a fan of Pears soap. Why? Because I have normal body skin type and it is too gentle for me! It always makes me feel oily post wash! As I am pregnant, my skin is now more prone to dryness and I make sure only to use gentle and moisturizing products on my skin! Previously I had been using Ashtapathy Mud Soap and it is great for normal skin type! During my grocery shopping in a departmental store, I came across this beautiful shower gel from Pears and I was really impressed by its soap free claim! Without a second thought, I threw it in my shopping cart and after using it for a month, I am here to express my views on it!

Pears Shower Gel costs Rs 185 for 250ml! BUY ONLINE

pears soap shower gel
Pears Shower Gel Review
Though the packaging of the shower gel looks really stylish but the plastic of the bottle is just too hard! Even if you open the flip top lid, the shower gel does not come out and you have to press it really hard to get it out! The shower gel gushes out and you have more than the required amount on your loofah! I just hope the brand will read this post and make the bottle squeezable!

pears body wash
Pears Shower Gel Review
Other than the packaging, I absolutely loved the shower gel.! It is warm orange in color (just like Pears soap) and has gel formula! It lathers richly and cleanses the skin really well! It has mild and pleasant scent and makes me feel good! As I am pregnant, I hate strong scents and this shower gel makes me feel good during the shower! It is soap free and does not dry out my skin! It keeps my skin soft and moisturized due to the presence of glycerin! The scent does not stay for long and fades away (I really do not mind as I do not prefer scents on my body these days!).

pears liquid body wash
Swatch of Pears Shower Gel 

- Soap free!
- Gel formula!
- Can be used in any season!
- Suits all skin types!
- Makes skin soft and moisturized due to the presence of glycerin.
- Does not dry out the skin post wash!
- Does not feel sticky!
- Removes all dirt and oil off the skin!
- Lathers richly.
- Can be hanged over a hook or shower!
- Reasonably priced!

- Impractical packaging.

Overall Thoughts:
Pears Shower Gel is a great shower gel for anyone who is looking for moisturizing bath products! It cleanses the skin well and keeps it soft and smooth! It has a mild scent and lathers richly! If you have dry skin then you will love it for sure! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Have you tried Pears Shower Gel? Did you like it?

Stay pretty & Loads of 💓!


  1. I use to love Pears shop during my college days,.. I think I need to check this shower gel,.. Thank you for the review

    1. Do check it out. It takes care of skin during pregnancy. Keeps it soft and moisturized!

  2. I simply love the pear perfume, is so delicate and rich at the same time! I don't know the brand but I instead find practical the packaging since I could hang it in my shower cabin.
    Wish you a fantastic day!

    1. Only the hanging part is good Flo. The plastic is so hard to take out the shower gel.
      Btw pears is the name of the brand :)

  3. I agree with you, packing is not good.


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