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Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel Review

Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Review
Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel Review
I had tried many makeup products from the brand Blue Heaven but never got a chance to try their skin care products! I had reviewed Blue Heaven Gold Facial Kit that I had gifted it to my SIL and thankfully she gave the face wash that comes free with the kit to me! I said thankfully because the face wash is for oily skin and it suited my acne-prone skin so well! 

Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel costs Rs 60 for 55g+11g! BUY ONLINE

blue heaven face wash
Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel Review
I got this face wash in the year 2015 and I think the packaging has been changed. It comes in a simple tube packaging but the current packaging seems to be a clear bottle! What I liked the most about this face wash is its refreshing scent! Though I could not detect the smell but it is very nice and fresh! It has a soap free formula and is infused with aloe vera and tea tree oil that are a boon for oily, acne-prone skin! It also contains Vitamin E that does not dry out the skin and maintains its pH balance! 

face wash for oily skin india
Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel Review
The face wash has millicapsules that do not dissolve properly but I am not sure if these are made of plastic or not because they do get crushed between my fingers. I simply take an adequate amount of face wash and mix it with a little water! It lathers nicely and I then apply and massage it on my wet face! It feels nice and soft on the skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and gives a healthy glow to it!

soap free face wash india
Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel Review
I have not faced pimples and acne since the time I am using it! In fact, it reduced my pimples and acne when used regularly!

- Soap free!
- Refreshing fragrance!
- Lathers nicely!
- Cleanses the skin well!
- Gives a healthy glow to the skin!
- Prevents pimples and acne!
- Keeps skin clean and clear!
- Pocket friendly!

- Availability might be an issue!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, Blue Heaven Aloevera & Tea Tree Face Wash Gel is a great face wash for people with normal, oily and acne-prone skin! It keeps skin clean, clear and healthy! I would definitely recommend it!

Have you tried Blue Heaven products? What did you like the most?

Stay pretty!


  1. Sounds good, never used this brand before! Very nice review Megha <3

    1. they do have few decent products. do try it!


  2. Does it helpwith hormonel acne ?

    1. no for hormonal acne, try ahaglow, sebamend or medimix!

  3. I love facewash with aloe and tea tree oil,very natural! Never tried Blue Heaven products

  4. I like that the face wash is soap free.


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