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Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil Review

Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil Review
After finishing and repurchasing and again finishing my favorite Iraya Indian Rose Light Massage Oil, I thought of trying a new body oil to keep my skin hydrated and soft when the weather is finally changing! Luckily, I came across Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil that offers organic jojoba oil! Jojoba Oil has many beauty benefits and is known for slowing the ageing process and reducing scars and wrinkles! 

Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil* costs Rs 300 for 50ml! BUY ONLINE

Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil Review
Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil comes in a small plastic bottle with a flip top lid! The bottle is very safe to tote around as it does not lead to leakage or spillage! The packaging is simple and clear and you can see the beautiful bright yellow color of the oil!
Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil Review
I particularly use this oil as my body oil post shower! I simply take an adequate amount of oil and spread it across my skin! It instantly makes my skin soft, smooth and moisturized! My skin remains soft the whole day! You can also mix it with a body lotion to get nourished skin! The jojoba oil is very light and gets absorbed into the skin in a jiff! It is definitely one of the best oils I have tried! It does not make you feel as if you had slathered oil on your skin! It can also be used by pregnant ladies during pregnancy or post pregnancy to avoid getting/reducing stretch marks and itchiness! 

Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil can also be used on hair and nails! I have not tried it on my hair yet but planning to do it super soon! It keeps your nails and cuticles soft and healthy!

- Lightweight oil!
- Hardly noticeable fragrance!
- Gets absorbed into the skin in a jiff!
- Makes skin soft and moisturized!
- Great for all skin types!
- Can be used on skin, hair and nails!
- Reasonably priced!
- Travel friendly packaging!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I am very happy with Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil! It keeps my skin soft, smooth and hydrated the whole day! It does not feel sticky and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. I shall definitely repurchase it and would highly recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried jojoba oil? Would you try Desert Splendour Premium Jojoba Oil?

Stay pretty!


  1. For jojoba oil this is definitely very economically priced. I have seen ones which are over 600-700 bucks for a tiny bottle.

    1. Yes sangeeta even i have seen such high prices for jojoba oil! This one works effectively and is great value for money!

  2. I might purchase this one as the price seems decent....

    1. yes sonali its very reasonable for the jojoba oil and its organic to!

  3. Never heard of this brand before, but I like the fact that it is non sticky and comes reasonably priced.. I would try this sometime soon.

    1. even i got to know about this brand for the first time!

      Do try it!

  4. A very reasonable jojoba oil. Might look into this brand. Lovely review

  5. Replies
    1. Do try Subha! It's good for acne prone skin too!


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