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Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review

Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
The brand "Sigma" is known for its quality and the best makeup brushes! Recently Sigma launched colored mascaras that are so in these days. Though I am not much experimental when it comes to mascara (I always stick to black mascaras!) but when I saw the gorgeous shades offered by Sigma, I could not stop myself from ordering one for me! I chose "Put It In Writing" which is a warm brown color! 

Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara* costs $19/ Rs 1200 approx for 7.2g! BUY ONLINE

brown mascara
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
sigma mascara review
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
brown mascara review
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
brown mascara swatches
Swatch of Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara Review
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara comes in 6 different colors and the one I chose is "Put It In Writing" (what do they actually mean by it???) which is a matte warm brown shade. There are other gorgeous shades that you can check on the website but this is the only color that I feel is wearable for me! The packaging of the tube is really nice and easy to handle whilst application. It has a matte surface that allows you to hold the product with a grip. Overall, the packaging is really simple and sophisticated.

The mascara comes with unique spike like bristles that coats each and every lash very easily. I can even reach the shortest lash with this mascara. It is very long lasting but not waterproof. I have not seen this mascara worn out even in this hot weather but it comes off easily when I take it out using only water or makeup wipes. It does not make lashes look clumpy or spiky. My lashes look long and beautiful but I feel the shade is for someone with light hair. I have dark hair and the brown color does not stand out so I use black mascara first and then apply brown over it. The black-brown combination instantly gives depth and definition to my eyes. I mostly use it with neutral eye looks.

- Simple and easy to hold packaging.
- Unique wand or applicator.
- Lots of shades to choose from.
- Coats each lash well.
- My lashes look long.
- Great staying power. Does not smear!
- Easy to remove with a makeup remover.
- Free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and phthalates.
- My lashes never look clumpy.

- Not waterproof.
- Does not curl the lashes well.

Overall Thoughts:
Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara is a colored mascara that you can use for a change. It is easy to use mascara with a unique wand that coats each and every lashes well. If you love experimenting with makeup or got bored of black mascara then I would happily recommend it to you.

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Never share the mascara wand with anyone.
- Apply 2-3 coats for a defined look.
- Use a black mascara underneath to get deep eyes!
- Always curl your lashes before mascara application.

Did you like Sigma Embellish Lash Mascara? Would you purchase it?

Stay pretty!


  1. i am not much into colour mascaras but liked its colour. Is there any liner of this colour in the brand?

    1. Yes they do have few brown eye liners. Please check them out here

  2. I like water proof mascara more


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