Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Recharge Your Body With 7UP Revive

Recharge Your Body With 7UP Revive
The temperature is on extreme in Hyderabad and I always try to keep myself hydrated. Though I drink enough water when I stay at home but as soon as I step out in the sun, I literally cannot keep myself hydrated only with water. I am the kind of person who is very impatient. I literally don't care for my health when I need to get something or meet someone! I step out even if the sun is at its extreme! I found something very interesting that not only makes me feel hydrated but also helps recharge the body post sweat loss. Welcome 7UP Revive!

Recharge Your Body With 7UP Revive
On the weekend, I got a call from my best friend that she is in Hyderabad and that I had to take her for shopping and a short Hyderabad trip! I was meeting her after a really long time, so I was super excited and packed my bag and kept all my essentials in it! I kept sunglasses, sun sleeves, sunscreen, oil blotting sheets and a bottle of 7UP Revive which I wanted to try out this time and see if it actually works when it comes to keeping myself hydrated! I had heard that it is a good hydrating drink which helps with #Sweatlossrecharge and thought today would be the best day to give it a shot for myself!

Recharge Your Body With 7UP Revive
As soon as my bestie arrived, we went to Banjara Hills via cab and did loads of shopping! Since it required walking from one store to the other, we were extremely tired and didn't have the energy to move a step! My friend then pointed to the 7UP Revive kept in the side pocket of the bag and both of us relaxed a bit and sipped on it and felt slightly refreshed and energized We then did shopping for – few more hours without getting tired. We also waited under the sun for the cab to arrive. 7UP Revive helped us feel better and we waited for the cab and continued our chit chatting without falling *lol*.

Recharge Your Body With 7UP Revive
We lose a lot essential electrolytes and fluids when we sweat and it is a must to regain those to stay hydrated and fresh! This is where 7UP Revive helps! It helps recharge the body with essential electrolytes and fluids that are lost through sweat. That's what makes the 7UP Revive the perfect partner to help recharge for sweat loss. It helps recharge the body with fluids and essential electrolytes post sweat loss!

Every weekend, we visit new places in Hyderabad and that involves a day time trip in this scorchy, angry weather but I worry no more. I carry a bottle of 7UP Revive with me. I had also recommended it to many of my friends and they too felt good after trying this hydrating drink!

Whenever I am out in the sun for a long time, I always make sure to carry a bottle of 7UP Revive with me because it helps to re-energize and replenish the fluids and essential electrolytes the body needs after sweat loss!

How do you keep yourself hydrated in the summer season? Have you tried 7UP Revive?

Stay pretty!

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