Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry

elephant necklace
Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry
Do you know that an elephant is a symbol of good luck? There is a belief that having elephant themed items with trunk up bring luck to the owner of the item! Though I do not believe in this stuff but there is no harm in getting tinnie tiny luck through a cute necklace *haha*! Recently I have come across this super cute yet pretty elephant necklace from a jewelry brand- Vogue Jewelry!

Vogue Jewelry Elephant Necklace* costs $15.99/ Rs 1000 approx! BUY ONLINE

elephant necklace gift box
Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry
elephant necklace rose gold
Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry
elephant necklace long chain
Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry
elephant necklace outfit
Elephant Necklace ft. Vogue Jewelry
The necklace comes in a very pretty light blue gift box! It is stored safely in a plastic case! I absolutely loved the design of the elephant! It looks very delicate with crystals all over the head of the elephant! It comes in 2 metal colors- rose gold and gold and I chose the rose gold color as I have way too many gold jewelries! I am so glad I chose this color as it looks really unique and elegant! 

The elephant charm measures 28*21mm with a sturdy rose gold snake chain! The chain is of good size and hangs beautifully on your neck!  I feel the chain is a bit hard and might break when handled roughly but it is still in good condition even when I have been wearing for almost 2 weeks!

The elephant charm has a blue diamond as its eye and this really makes it stand out! The body of the elephant is made out of certain clear material that looks really adorable and classy!

Overall, I am very happy with this cute and pretty elephant necklace from Vogue Jewelry! It is definitely one of the cutest jewelries I own! It looks unique and is made beautifully with crystals and alloy! I would highly recommend everyone to check out Vogue jewelry!

Did you like this pendant? Would you wear elephant or animal themed necklaces?

Stay pretty!


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