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IASO Purifying Toner Review

IASO Purifying Toner
The summer season is on its peak point and I have changed my skincare products accordingly! My skin has become oily to combination and needs light and oil free moisturizers! I had reviewed IASO Purifying Emulsion few days back that is superb for people with normal to oily skin! I have always loved Korean brands as they suit my skin to the core! Today I am going to review IASO Purifying Toner that can be used as a moisturizer and is completely safe for acne-prone skin!

IASO Purifying Toner* costs $39/ Rs 2500 approx for 180ml! BUY ONLINE

IASO Purifying Toner
IASO Purifying Toner
IASO Purifying Toner
Swatch of IASO Purifying Toner
The packaging of the toner is same as that of the purifying emulsion! It has a pump dispenser that dispenses the right amount of product but it is not travel friendly! My toner got leaked a bit when it arrived at my place! 

The toner has liquid gel like consistency that feels very light yet moisturizing on the skin! It also has very soothing and refreshing scent that is very mild and pleasant! As I have oily, combination skin, I feel I need more hydration on my cheek and mouth area! I mix this toner with few drops of Kosmea Rosehip Oil! I loved how soft, smooth and radiant my skin looks after using this toner! It gets absorbed in a jiff without leaving a residue behind! It also controls oil and keeps skin light and oil free for a long time! 

If you have oily skin then you can use it on its own and it will provide adequate moisturizer to your skin! You can follow it up with IASO Purifying Emulsion if you have normal skin for proper hydration of the skin!

- Elegant and attractive packaging!
- Lightweight formula!
- Versatile product!
- Gets absorbed quickly!
- Superb for oily, combination skin!
- Makes skin soft, smooth and radiant!
- Controls oil!
- Safe for acne-prone skin!
- Worldwide shipping!

- Packaging is not travel friendly!
- Pricey!

Overall Thoughts:
IASO Purifying Toner is definitely one of the best moisturizers for oily, combiantion skin! It keeps the skin hydrated and radiant with regular usage. It is very light yet moisturizing to the skin! I would highly recommend it to people with oily skin!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Mix rose hip oil or any other oil of your choice to provide hydration to the skin!

Have you tried IASO Purifying Toner?

Stay pretty!


  1. frm where do you get such products ? who suggests them to you ? I have never heard of such wonderful's only thanks to you I get to make an informed purchase

    1. Fortunately i am being contacted by the brands themselves :)

      Thanx you find my blog informative and useful!

  2. This will suit my skin,
    Will give this a try :)

    1. Do try it's superb for oily acne prone skin!!!


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