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IASO Purifying Emulsion Review

IASO Purifying Emulsion
I got IASO products really long back but as I rarely change my skincare routine, I was not able to try their products! It's a Korean skincare brand that offers products according to the skin type! Their products are mild yet effective to the skin. I checked the ingredients list of the emulsion before trying it out and found few comedogenic ingredients so as always I passed it out to my cousin (she has oily to normal skin!) and she happily accepted the offer of sharing the experience with you guys! 

IASO Purifying Emulsion* costs $42/ Rs 2500 approx for 100ml! BUY ONLINE

IASO Purifying Emulsion
IASO Purifying Emulsion
IASO Purifying Emulsion
IASO Purifying Emulsion
Swatch of IASO Purifying Emulsion
The packaging of the purifying emulsion is very pretty and elegant. It comes in a golden outer packaging with all the information written over it! The actual product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser! The bottle is sturdy and looks very royal on my vanity! The pump dispenses the right amount of product and for the whole face and neck you need at least 2-3 pumps! 

The formula of the emulsion is milky gel like that is very light and gets absorbed into the skin quickly! It has lovely mild, luxurious scent that instantly makes you feel good! It makes skin soft, smooth and gives a healthy glow to it! It does not make skin oily or greasy and controls sebum especially in this hot month! My cousin has been using it for more than a month and it did not break out her skin!

IASO Purifying Emulsion is great for people with oily, combination skin but if you have acne-prone skin like mine then it might break you out because it contains stearic acid and algae extract that are highly comedogenic!

- Beautiful packaging!
- Gel like consistency!
- Mild fragrance!
- Gets absorbed into the skin quickly!
- Lightweight and non greasy!
- Does not make skin oily or greasy!
- Skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated!
- Controls oil!
- Contains botanical extracts that help in clarfying skin!
- Acts as a good makeup base!
- The bottle will last for 4-5 months!
- Not tested on animals!

- Pricey but the quantity is really good!
- Might not suit acne-prone skin!

Overall Thoughts:
IASO Purifying Emulsion is a great moisturizer for people with oily, combination and normal skin! It instantly makes skin look hydrated and healthy! It is a light emulsion and controls excess sebum! 

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you heard about IASO brand?

Stay pretty!


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  2. What a lovely package, it is very elegant and the product seems very good too. The ingredient list is pretty ok, lots of good ingredients. It is a bit pricy but the quantity is ok.
    Wish you a beautiful evening.

    1. yes Flo the quantity will last for 4-5 months!


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