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Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing

Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
If you are a person like me who get bored of using the same products then you must subscribe to a beauty bag! And if you love trying new makeup and skin care products then you must subscribe to Fab Bag! I hope it rhymes *laughs*! As March hits the calendar of the year 2017, Fab Bag arrived at my place! This month's Fab Bag is named as "Go Get It, Girl!"!

Fab Bag* costs Rs 1599 for a 3 month subscription! BUY ONLINE

Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
The March 2017 Fab Bag is dark brown in color with a good finish! The bag is of good quality and can be used for traveling! I got a total of 6 products in my beauty bag out of which 2 are full sized products and the others are samples!

Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick in N*de Love
Rs 180
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
N*de Love is a neutral color with pink undertones! Though I have not tried it yet but the color looks great for everyday wear! I will be trying this brand for the first time and the review will be up soon! The packaging is good for the price and does not feel like a cheap lipstick!

Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Polish in Purple in Paradise
Rs 249
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
It is basically a matte nail polish and my favorite among all the products in the bag! The color is the gorgeous plum color that would look adorable on all skin tones! I have not tried it yet so can't talk about the pigmentation!  I shall also review it in detail!

Kronokare Flower Power Face Toner
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
My Shamanuti Seaweed Toner is going to finish soon and I was browsing for a new toner that would keep my skin hydrated but not oily! I am happy I got the Kronokare Flower Power Face Toner! It contains water of various flowers that would keep your skin young and hydrated! It smells of lavender and instantly soothes the senses! It does not contain comedogenic ingredients and is completely safe for acne-prone skin!

Moha Herbal Shower Gel
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
It is also a sample sized bottle and I have heard about this brand on many of my fellow bloggers' blog! It is a herbal shower gel with a mild scent. I would save it for my vacations so I don't like to carry a big bottle whilst traveling!

Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
It is only a 10g jar which made a bit disappointed! There is no complete ingredients list mentioned on the jar or on the website so I think I will be using it as a body sunscreen only!

The Nature's Co. Garlic Anti Acne Cream
Fab Bag March 2017 Unboxing
It is also a small sample but looks great to carry with you whilst traveling! Though it is an anti acne cream but it has olive oil as an ingredient which is comedogenic! I shall be giving it to my cousin who has oily, pimple-prone but not acne-prone skin on my visit to hometown!

This month's Fab Bag is not exciting as the other previous month's beauty bag! I wish Fab bag had sent a good quantity of the cream products as the full size products are below Rs 500! I would recommend this beauty bag only if you want to try new products! It is a good way of trying samples before buying the full sized ones!

Did you like March 2017 Fab Bag?

Stay pretty!


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  2. It's good to see to see 2 makeup products..I got the garlic cream ages before..But I didn't liked it..Waiting for your nail paint review.. :) :)

    1. Ohhh so bad it does not work!

      Yes i shall post it soon!

  3. Nice products,.. especially the lipstick and nail polish,..


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