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Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder Review

herbal face wash powder
Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder
I have raved a lot about the Indian natural skincare brand- Krya on my blog! I had reviewed Krya Festive Ubtan, Krya Hair Conditioner and Krya Body Wash Powder for sensitive skin! I must say all their products are 100% natural, mild and effective! Today I am going to review Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder* that I have been using for the last few months!

Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder costs Rs 300 for 100g. BUY ONLINE

homemade herbal face wash powder
Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder
herbal powder for face wash
Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder
natural face wash powder
Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder
The packaging of Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder is very plain and simple. The box is made of cardboard that is environment friendly. The actual face wash powder comes in a sealed plastic case! I use a small container to store the face wash powder. Store the rest of the powder in an air tight container as I feel storing large amount of powder starts getting wet when in contact with the moisture in a bathroom!

The face wash powder is very fine and has herbal scent which is mild! You just need to take a small amount of face wash powder in a bowl and mix it with water/rose water! Make a fine paste out it! Massage it onto your skin with light, circular motions! This powder gives a feeling of mild exfoliation so I like to use it as a face scrub twice a week! It makes my skin soft, smooth and gives a healthy glow to it! It contains green tea and chamomile that are really effective for the skin. It contains other herbal, hard to find ingredients too! 

- Multi purpose. Can be used as a cleanser, scrub or face pack!
- Makes skin soft, smooth and radiant!
- Can be used everyday as a face wash!
- 100% natural.
- Suits all skin types!
- Does not make skin dry!

- I wish the face wash comes in a container!
- Price!

Overall Thoughts:
Krya Herbal Face Wash Powder is a superb alternative if you are looking to get away from SLS based products! It cleanses the skin without drying it out! It is suitable for all skin types!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Store the face powder in an air tight container.
- If you have acne-prone skin then use it as a face scrub twice a week!
- You can apply the powder for at least 10-15 minutes as a face pack to get a healthy glow on the skin!
- Always follow it up with a moisturizer!

Have you tried Krya products? Do you like natural skincare products?

Stay pretty!


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