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Krya Zesty Hair Wash Powder Classic Review

Comes in a recyclable packaging!
I have always been fond of using natural hair products. I had been suffering from hair fall and dull hair since the time I am living in Hyderabad. The water here is hard and makes my hair dry and frizzy! Recently I came across a NEW brand "Krya" that offers all natural hair, skin and other home based products. Though I had never been a fan of using hair wash powders but I can do anything to take care of my skin and hair. Today I am going to review Krya Zesty Hair Wash Powder* in the "Classic" variant! I also got the "Conditioning" variant that I would be reviewing later! Krya uses all forest collected natural and organic ingredients  This hair wash powder is priced at Rs 280. BUY ONLINE

Perfectly sealed in plastic
This is how it looks!
The hair wash powder comes in rather boring packaging but don't forget, the brand concentrates on everything natural and even their box is environment friendly! The actual product comes in a sealed plastic and you need to transfer it in an air tight plastic jar to protect it from losing its properties. The powder is very fine and smells of shikakai and other herbs. I remember my mom used to prepare home made shampoo for me and it smells just like that! 

I simply take 2 tsp of hair wash powder in a bowl and mix it with water. Make sure you prepare batter like consistency that is neither very thick nor very runny. I then apply it thoroughly on my wet hair. The main thing while using natural hair wash powder is to concentrate more on scalp as this is the part that accumulates oil and dirt! I massage it very well and it lathers mildly due to the presence of soapberries giving me a sign of proper cleansing! I then massage a small amount of powder onto the lengths of my hair. I need to work a bit to rinse off the powder but I love pampering my hair so this is not at all a task for me! My hair feels light and thoroughly cleansed post wash. It is advised not to use conditioner so I usually skip it whenever I use this powder to get utmost results out it! It does make my hair soft and healthy but if you have very dry and frizzy hair then I would suggest you to try the "conditioning" variant! It does not contain synthetic additives, surfactants, fillers, colors, fragrance or preservatives that I totally adore! 

- The founder of Krya is super helpful and solve all your queries that I truly appreciate!
- The smell is purely herbal and natural!
- No residue behind if washed properly!
- Cleanses scalp and hair thoroughly.
- My hair does not feel oily for the next 2 days! My hair usually gets oily the next day itself!
- No itching post wash.
- My hair feels voluminous and bouncy!
- I do not feel the need to use conditioner!
- 100% natural!
- Inexpensive!
- Full ingredients list on their website!

- Does not add subsequent shine to hair!

Overall Thoughts:
Krya Zesty Hair Wash Powder is 100% natural hair shampoo that contains rare herbs and grains! I love how pure it smells! It makes my hair clean and bouncy. I have noticed less production of oil on scalp since the time I am using it! It is super hot here and I love using this powder to cleanse my hair! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Wash your hair twice if you have oiled your hair. 
- Concentrate more on scalp than hair for proper hair cleansing!
- Do not rub the powder but massage it gently on scalp and hair with your finger tips!

Did Krya Hair Wash Powder interests you? Would you like to try it?

Stay pretty!


  1. It's an amazing product Meghu.. Never tried any such product :)

  2. Have never used Hair Washpowder in my life. It sounds different.

  3. Wow,I definitely want to try some of their products. really good product!

    1. Do try their products Praseena! They are pure and natural!

  4. need to try it out then..Thanks for the review

    1. U'r welcome dear! Do let me know your experiences!

  5. I am definitely going to pick this up. Sounds like a must try.

  6. Looks like an awesome natural product.

  7. Seems like a good product. Just wanted to know does it provide some amount of fluffiness/volume to hair? Because I've got thin hair :(

    1. I too have thin hair and it does give a nice volume to my hair!


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