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Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale Review

Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale
As much as I love hoarding bags, I am really lazy when it comes to carrying it. Though I have many handbags but the most used ones are the small tote/ sling bags! They carry all the essentials and feel really light and comfortable when you hang them on your shoulder. They can also be used as cross body sling bags and allow you to use your hands to hold mobile or some eatables (Yes, I am a big foodie in this chilly weather!)! Recently, while browsing Rose Wholesale, I came across this super chic and trendy tote bag* that costs $20.70/ Rs 1400 approx but I got it on a huge discount of $6.91/ Rs 400! It is currently out of stock but you can find similar ones HERE!

Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale
Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale
Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale
Trendy Tote Bag ft. Rose Wholesale
Shopping on Rose Wholesale is pretty easy! You just need to checkout by making payment through credit card or PayPal! I was charged with customs duty but it is not the fault of the brand anyways! I sometimes hate the customs department of India!

The tote bag has beautiful detailing to it! It has golden rivets that look absolutely stunning, glamorous and unique! It is a small bag with one compartment that you can use to keep all your essentials. I have Nexus 6 mobile that is quite large and I have to forcibly push it inside the bag. I usually keep my mobile in my hands so it is not actually an issue for me!

The bag is made of PU material and is of very high quality! I have been using it for a long time and there are no signs of wear and tear yet! It has 2 straps- the metallic chain one is large enough to be used as a cross body bag and the other is quite short where you can carry it as a suitcase! The zipper is of good quality and not like any other cheap bag! It is a great everyday, stylish handbag!

- Easy to carry bag!
- Small in size. Can be used everyday!
- The size is small but it can carry all your essentials!
- Lots of discounts on
- Worldwide shipping!
- Gorgeous rivet detailing!
- Good quality bag at such a low price!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
You can check out Rose Wholesale to get gorgeous and stylish bags at really affordable prices! The quality of the bags is really good. I have been using my bag a lot and it is still in very good condition! 

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
- Always fill the bag with bubble wrapper while storage to help maintain its shape!

Do you like small handbags or bigger ones?

Stay pretty!


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