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TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream Review

TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream
When I got TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream, it instantly reminds me of Joy Honey & Almond Nourishing Body Lotion. As the temperature is getting lower, I feel body lotions are not that nourishing for the skin. I was in search of a good body cream and this 24ct Gold Honey & Almond Winter Care Nourishing Cream from TBC By Nature came to my rescue! I have been using it for 3 weeks and I must say it is the best body cream I have tried lately! It costs only Rs 70 for 100g and you can BUY ONLINE!

TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream
TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream
TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream
Swatch of TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream
TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream* is actually both face and body cream but I particularly use it as a body cream! It contains almond oil and wheat germ oil that are comedogenic and might not be safe for acne-prone skin! If you have dry to normal skin, then you will love it for sure! 

The cream comes in a sturdy tub with the screw lid! The fragrance is really amazing and makes me feel good. It is that scent that I always love in my skin care products (I am sorry I could not explain the fragrance!). I take a generous amount of cream and massage it onto my body in light circular motion. It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave any sticky residue behind! It is neither very heavy nor very light and is just perfect to use in this weather! My skin feels super soft, smooth, healthy and hydrated the whole day! The body cream also takes good care of dry feet and heels! It contains honey, almond oil and cocoa butter that are extremely good for dry and parched skin!

- Sturdy packaging! Tub packaging might be a con for few but I feel creams are easy to take out when in tub!
- Pleasant fragrance!
- Can be used as face cream for dry to normal skin type!
- Suits all skin types as body cream.
- Instantly moisturizes the skin!
- Keeps skin hydrated the whole day!
- 100% natural.
- Inexpensive.
- SPF 15!
- Paraben free.

- Might not suit acne-prone skin as a face cream! Use it as a body cream. I am sure you will love it!

Overall Thoughts:
I totally loved TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream. It keeps my skin soft, smooth and hydrated the whole day! The fragrance is very pleasant and I love it how beautifully it feels in the morning! Highly recommended to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Use it right after you take your shower!
- You can also use it as a hand cream during bed time!

Have you tried TBC By Nature Winter Care Nourishing Cream?

Stay pretty!


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