Tuesday, December 6, 2016

TokyoTreat September 2016 Unboxing

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Today's post is all about Japanese yummy and flavorful candies and snacks! Though I am not fond of Japanese snacks but I LOVE Japanese candies and chocolates! Recently I came across another Japanese candy subscription box → TokyoTreat! I got the premium box* that costs $34.99/ Rs 2000 approx per month! You can subscribe and BUY ONLINE!

The premium TokyoTreat candy subscription box comes with 16-18 full sized candies and snacks! It also includes 1 DIY kit, 1 drink and 1 special kawaii item! I was not charged with customs and my package arrived safe! Without discussing more, let's jump onto what items I got in my box!

It comes with a booklet!

Mirai Suenaga x TokyoTreat Ramune
It comes in a beautiful light blue glass bottle featuring Mirai Suenaga! Mirai Suenaga is a cultural doll of Japan! Ramune is basically the famous carbonated drink of Japan! Though I have not tasted it yet but i am sure it would taste something like a lemon soda!

Mirai Suenaga x TokyoTreat Chocolate Covered Crackers
If you are the one who have both sweet and salty tooth then you will love it for sure! These crackers are slightly salty and spicy and covered in sweet chocolate!

Mirai Suenaga x TokyoTreat Peach Jelly
This refreshing jelly is made by the Japanese sweet maker Igetadou! I am not fond of jelly so gave it to my nephew and he loved it a lot! It has to be chilled before consumption!

Chip Star Savory Shrimp
This is a non vegetarian item so it was left unopened! 

Pakkucho Disney Character Biscuits
I totally loved these cute biscuits. They are chocolate-y and taste super yummy! I loved the Disney characters on the biscuits! These will be a real fun for kids!

Sour Plum Pretzel Sticks
These also lie in the non vegetarian category!

Chocolate Umaibo
I ate these chocolate balls within few minutes. They are super yummy and chocolate-y! It is the best and most liked item by me!

Japanese Corn Potage Snack
I gave it to my cousin as I am not fond of Japanese snacks! These are corn puffs that are very popular among Japanese people!

Maple Butter Beer Ramune, Crazy Cola Bubble Ramune Candy & Kuppy Ramune
These butter beer ramune candies are inspired by Harry Potter series! I am yet to taste them but I feel it will definitely taste good!

These candies remind of crackling candies I used to eat during childhood! They have cola flavor and taste yummy!

Kuppy ramune candies are free from 7 common allergens- egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp and crab! They are a mix of orange, strawberry and lemon flavors!

Super Sour Lemon Gum & Moguchuu Strawberry Soft Candy
Again a sour item! I gave it to my cousin who has a sour tooth #lol

The strawberry candies have a really rich flavor of strawberries and reminds me of my childhood days!

DIY Soft Candy Ice Cream Bars
This DIY kit is definitely for my nephews and I can't wait to gift them!

Yakisoba Sauce Flavored Corn Puffs
These are light and crunchy corn puff flavored with yakisoba sauce!

Kawaii Socks
And lastly a surprise kawaii item! Kawaii socks!!!! I totally loved them! They are pink in color with hello kitties on them!

All in all, I totally loved TokyoTreat September 2016 candy box. It contains yummy chocolates, flavorful candies and famous snacks from Japan! If you are a foodie and want to try something new then I would definitely recommend this box to you!

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