Friday, December 30, 2016

Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask Review ft. Skin18

Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask
By now, you would how much I adore sheet masks! They really make a difference to the skin. All thanks to for introducing me to such amazing sheet masks! I got a package of sheet and other masks from Skin18 and Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask* was one of them! As much as I wanted to try it but steareath-20 was showing me a red signal. Steareth-20 is a comedogenic ingredient and may break out acne-prone skin! So as always I gave it to my dearest cousin with normal skin! The review will be based on her opinions! Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask costs Rs 100 approx and it is currently at discounted price of Rs 50 per sheet! BUY ONLINE

Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask
Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask
The sheet mask comes in an easy to tear packaging. It is made of soft cotton material that feels extremely comfortable and soothing on the skin. It is soaked nicely in the essence and does not dry out for a long time ! After cleansing your skin with a cleanser, apply the sheet mask on the dry skin and let it sit on for 15 minutes! After 15 minutes, remove the mask and just tap your skin with light hands. The essence gets absorbed into the skin instantly and makes it soft, smooth and hydrated! Do not expect instant brightness from this mask! It is meant for hydrating your skin and it does its job well! 

- The sheet mask is made of soft cotton material!
- Does not fall off the face!
- Soaked in enough essence!
- The essence does not drip and the mask adheres to the skin well!
- Makes skin soft, smooth and hydrated!
- Inexpensive!
- Mild fragrance!
- Does not feel heavy or sticky post mask removal!

- Contains comedogenic ingredient so might not suit people with acne prone skin.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall Mirum Collagen Real Nature Sheet Mask is a great mask for people with dehydrated and parched skin. It makes skin soft, smooth and hydrated and keeps it healthy! I had tried Mirum sheet masks before and I can confidently say that they are really effective and do what they claim!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Apply the extra essence on your hands, elbows and knees!
- Throw away the mask after usage!
- Always use the mask on clean face!
- Do not exceed the stated time of 15-20 minutes!

Have you tried sheet masks from Skin18? What is your favorite sheet mask?

Stay pretty!


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    1. I am yet to try Innisfree! Yes applying the extra essence on drier parts is the best trick!

  2. I have acne prone skin too...Il havta skip this...Thnx for the review....

  3. Even I have tried this mask, I love this mask,..

    1. Yes my cousin told me it makes the skin so healthy!


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