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Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack Review

Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack
Today I am very excited to show you the most beautiful Christmas gift I got from my favorite brand Living Nature! Being a Convent educated, I love celebrating Christmas! The most exciting thing is getting and giving gifts! I already gave a gift to my friend and here I am giving you a brilliant gift idea that you can give to your BFF, sister, friend or mom! It is none other than Living Nature Colour Me Lipstick Packs. Each gift pack costs NZ$99/ Rs 4500 approx BUT it is currently on discount at NZ$75/ Rs 3500 approx! BUY ONLINE

Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack
Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack
Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack
Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack

Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack
Living Nature Colour Me Lipstick Pack* comes housed in a beautiful red and pink box with all the information printed over it! The red color definitely gives a Christmas-y feel to it! Inside the box, there are 3 lipsticks that are certified natural/organic, free of fragrance, allergens, synthetic chemicals or preservatives and safe for use during pregnancy! 

The lipstick gift pack comes in 3 variants- Vibrant (all bright and bold colors), Romantic (all gorgeous pinks) and Natural (soft, subtle n*de colors). I already have Living Nature Lipsticks in Sandstone and Pink Bloom that are part of the Romantic and Natural boxes so I opted out for  the Vibrant! I love bright and bold colors in the winter season and this lipstick gift pack is like a cherry on the cake!

Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack comes with 3 colors- Pure Passion #12, Wild Fire #11 and Coral Sea #04! All the 3 shades are AMAZING and will suit all skin tones! 

Pure Passion is a gorgeous maroon color with crimson undertones. It is a unique shade and instantly brightens up my face! It is super moisturizing and keeps my lips soft and hydrated for a long time! You do not need much makeup when you wear this gorgeous color!

Wild Fire is a warm red with orange undertones. It is such a beautiful red and perfect for Christmas! It is also very moisturizing and looks stunning even when I wear minimal makeup! 

Coral Sea is a warm salmon color with neutral undertones. It is such a unique color that can be worn anytime and anywhere!  It is totally a new shade in my lipstick collection and I could not wait to use it during my vacations when I wear really less makeup!

- Certified natural/organic lipsticks!
- Fragrance free!
- Safe for pregnant ladies!
- You can choose a gift pack according to your taste of colors. I love bright colors so I chose the Vibrant!
- A perfect gift to a girl on any occasion!
- No animal testing!
- All the 3 shades are unique!
- Suits all skin tones!
- You get a discount on the lipstick pack which otherwise is not there if you buy individual lipstick!

- A bit pricey!

Overall Thoughts:
I am head over heels for Living Nature Colour Me Vibrant Lipstick Pack. It is the best gift I got for Christmas! The Vibrant variant is perfect for the girls who love wearing bright and bold colors. These lipsticks are totally safe and free from any chemicals! I would highly recommend these gift packs to everyone!

Rating: 4.9/5

What gifts do you give/get on Christmas? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!


  1. The packaging is so pretty....Really great option for gifting to a makeup junkie frnd... :)

  2. organic impressive. And that too as a gift...This would have made your day :) Great review

    1. Yes dear. The moment I got it i was super happy! The best gift for Christmas! Thank you!

  3. Colors are so good. Loved Coral Sea. Do you think it is similar to soultree lipstick you reviewed on your blog?

    1. No Fatima that is totally different! Living Nature has warmer undertones!

  4. This product is best having a lot qualities, they tell about nature colour of this product. Nice to read this blog.


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