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Aveniro Glass Nail Files Review

Aveniro Glass Nail Files
You would have seen many of my nails and nail art posts on the blog but believe me I am very lazy when it comes to filing my nails! I do nail filing once in 6 months. Fortunately, I am blessed with good nails with good shape and quality. I do not need to take much care of them. Recently I came across few crystal glass nail files from the brand---> Aveniro! Aveniro is a Czech company that manufactures glass nail files, BUY ONLINE!

Aveniro Glass Nail Files
I got 3 nail files from the Aveniro- DUO Files* (small duo file & medium duo file) and Full Area Foot Scraper F82 DUO*! The long glass filers are basically for manicures and pedicure and the foot scraper is to keep your feet and heels soft and smooth!

Aveniro Glass Nail Files
DUO Files/ Manicure Nail Files are not only meant for a manicure but for pedicure as well. You can use it shape your fingernails and toenails. I loved the ombre effect given to these nail files. They indeed look unique and beautiful in my nail kit! Small DUO File has grinding surface on both sides but with different coarseness! One side is quite rough yet gentle to the nails. It shapes the nails very easily without hurting them. You can also shape the toenails which otherwise is very difficult. With this small nail file, it becomes very easy to file your toenails! The other grinding surface is quite smooth and is used for final neatening or touch ups! It does not leave irritating ridges on the nails! The medium DUO nail file is bigger than the small one and is also used for both manicure and pedicure. The function of this nail file is same as that of the smaller one but it is bigger is size and can be controlled in a better way! The pointed edge can be used to push cuticles or cleaning out debris out of the nails!

Aveniro Glass Nail Files
Full Area Foot Scraper is a small foot file that has grinding surface on both the sides. The rougher side is used to remove the callouses of the feet and the smoother side is meant for gentle neatening and final smoothing! It does make my feet really soft and smooth, especially when they are rough in this dry season! I then follow it up with a foot cream!

- The nail files are very sturdy. My heart almost break into pieces when they fell off my hands! They are very robust and did not break!
- Easy to store. They come in cases!
- Look really pretty!
- File nails easily.
- Do not leave ragged edges behind!
- Comes in various colors, sizes and shapes!
- Worldwide shipping!
- Grinding surface on both the sides!
- Foot scraper makes the feet so soft and smooth!

- The prices are mentioned on the website!

Overall Thoughts:
Aveniro Glass Nail Files are pretty and sturdy glass nail files that make my nails look professional! They are really unique and I have not seen such kind of nail files yet! I would definitely recommend everyone to check Aveniro!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- Always file in one direction and not in sawing motion!
- Do not file on wet nails. 
- It is advisable to clean your files in hot water. I simply dip them in a glass of soap and water!

Do you file your nails?

Stay pretty!


  1. had never heard of this !
    thanks for this

  2. i wanna use glass files..nice review,...i will check out for these at bornpretty :)

    1. Glass nail files are better than metal ones! Do try!


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