Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Zaful Tassels Backpack Review

Zaful Tassels Backpack
Cute backpacks have been on my wishlist for a long time. I literally do not like carrying handbags on my shoulders whilst traveling. I either prefer sling bags or backpacks! I had shopped from Zaful.com earlier and got this beautiful bag! It is definitely one of the most beautiful bags I own. It not only looks elegant but is of very good quality, so I knew I can trust Zaful! When I saw this pretty light pink backpack on Zaful, I ordered it without giving a second thought! This tassels backpack* costs $50.30/ Rs 3000 approx but it is currently on discount and you can grab it at $33.99/ Rs 2000 approx! You can BUY ONLINE at Zaful.com!

Zaful Tassels Backpack
Zaful Tassels Backpack
Zaful Tassels Backpack
Zaful Tassels Backpack
The backpack is light pink in color with gorgeous tassels attached to the zipper! The bag is made of PU material and is of very good quality. I loved the detailing at the front pocket. It is a perfect backpack if you love girlie bags! The backpack has sufficient space to hold all my essentials like wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, makeup, scarf and few medicines! There is also an inner pocket that can hold a cell phone! The straps are very sturdy and can handle heavy load though I do not prefer to give strain to my back! I got many compliments whenever I carried it with me (even from strangers!). 

- 3 colors to choose from!
- Pretty yet sturdy!
- Easy to carry!
- Perfect gift for a girl!
- Holds all your essentials!
- Will last long.
- Zaful offers free worldwide shipping!
- I was not charged with customs!
- Reasonably priced!
- Zaful offers less than market price!

- Out of stock! Hope it will be in stock soon!

Overall Thoughts:
Zaful Tassels Backpack has become my to-go-to backpack! I love how light it feels but still carries all my essentials! It looks beautiful and is made from very high quality material. If you are looking for a cute, small backpack then I would highly recommend it to you!

Rating: 4.8/5

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  1. Wow Megha this pink backpack is so cool!

    1. Do check it out when it comes in stock. U n ur daughter will love it!

  2. This looks super adorable :) I hope it comes in stock soon :) I love zaful stuff.

  3. Looks so adorable....😃 and you too 😊

  4. Such a cute backpack, Zaful has got some nice stuff.

  5. It's soooooo pwetty!!! And don't even get me started about the girl in the picture wearing that hot LBD! :D Looking gorgeous!

  6. woowwww....Pastle pink...loved the colour :)


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