Monday, September 26, 2016

Born Pretty Store Holo Nail Polish Review

holographic nail polish

I know it's been a long time since I reviewed any product of Born Pretty Store. We were in a dilemma as in where to stay- Hyderabad or Bangalore. Mr MBT is getting many offers and till now we have decided to stay here in Hyderabad. Hyderabad will always be my priority no matter what! I ordered this gorgeous holo nail polish* from Born Pretty Store and I must it is the most glamorous nail polish I owned till date! It costs $6.99/ Rs 460 approx. You can BUY ONLINE! Use MEGW10 to get 10% off on your order!

holo nail polish

born pretty store holo nail polish

born pretty store holographic nail polish

holographic nail polish

holographic nail paint

I chose the shade #33 which is a gorgeous holographic nail polish with a hue of purple and black. It contains green chunks of shimmers that makes it all the more glam and yes that's why it is named "Chameleon". Before applying this nail polish, you have to apply a black nail polish. Make sure you let it dry completely. Apply Born Pretty Store Holo Nail Polish and voila you are ready to rock the party! I apply 2 coats of nail polish to get the true color. It looks stunning on my nails and I feel it is a must have for every girl who loves nail polishes! The bristles of the nail polish are soft and apply nail polish without streaks. The staying power is pretty superb too. It stays on my nails for a good 4-5 days without chipping. With a top coat on, I believe it will stay more!

The best thing I like about the holographic nail polish is it shines when the light falls over it. It is indeed a head turner and I get many compliments when I wear it!

- Good coverage.
- Cute bottle!
- Great staying power!
- Applies easily without streakiness!
- The shade goes with all outfits and colors!
- Shines when the light hits!
- Born Pretty Store provides WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!
- Reasonably priced for the holographic nail polish!

- None!

Overall Thoughts:
I am absolutely in love with Born Pretty Store Holo Nail Polish. The shimmers look like galaxy and I loved the purple black hues when the light hits. The coverage is great and so is the staying power. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to everyone!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
- Using a black nail polish as a base is a must!
- Apply a top coat if you want the nail polish to last a week!
- Make sure the base polish dries completely else it will ruin your holo nail polish effect!

Do you love holographic nail polish?

Stay pretty!


  1. Hi Megha I love holographic nail polish and this color you chose is wonderful!

  2. M yet to try Bornpretty nail paints.. loved this color on ur nails ♥

  3. Nice shade megha ... i love bornprettystore stuff

    1. Thank you! Have you shopped from Born pretty Store?

  4. this is an absolutely fantastic shade, i love this type of green!


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