Monday, June 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store Daisy Flower Nail Stickers Review

Hi MBT friends!

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed it to the core. I went to watch the movie 'Now you see me 2' and did some grocery shopping! 

So today I am here again to show you the beautiful nail art stickers that I ordered from my favorite online shopping website "Born Pretty Store". I have lots of nail art stickers and water decals from Born Pretty Store and they never fail to dress up my nails without much effort! I was looking for something floral and girly stickers and my eyes laid on these pretty nail art stickers*. They cost $2.99 but they are currently on offer and you can get them at $1.94 only! You can BUY ONLINE HERE.
I have pattern #1

Instructions are clearly written at the back!

Aren't the designs too pretty?

Tada on my nails!

A closer look!

The nail art stickers set comes in a plastic pack wherein the stickers are stuck onto a thick white sheet to protect the stickers from getting spoiled or damaged. It can be easily tote around in a handbag. It contains various designs of flowers, bows, girl, mirror, heart, stilettos and many more! There is also one more set with girly designs!

Each sticker is made of colorful thick plastic which lay flat on nails and feels like nail art water decals. It doesn’t tend to stick to itself upon application. I use tweezers to pull the stickers off the sheet and apply them onto my nails. I then put a little pressure to make sure the stickers are stuck well and won’t peel off. The stickers look very pretty and adorable on my nails. They are quite lightweight and I don’t feel like I have anything on my nails. It takes only 10 minutes to apply the stickers on all your 10 fingers. The stickers are super easy to apply and it doesn’t require you to be a nail art expert. They last for a good 6-7 days without wearing off or sliding around the nails. I always apply a top coat as per the instructions to make the effect last longer. They can be easily removed or peeled off using a good nail polish remover. They do not leave glue residue behind. Though the brand has mentioned on the website that they are water decals but they are stickers and can be applied directly on nails!

•    Easy to use.
•    Good quality stickers.
•    Look very pretty on nails.
•    Last long.
•    Feel super light on nails.
•    Various girly designs of nail art stickers in one pack.
•    Reasonably priced.
•    Born Pretty Store provides International shipping.

•    None.

Overall Thoughts:
There is not a single product from Born pretty Store that disappointed me! I totally loved these girly stickers. They look very pretty and chic on my nails. I do household chores but I have not found chipping yet! They last really long when you sealed them with a top coat! I would highly recommend them to all nail art lovers!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
•    Always apply base coat to prevent your nails getting stained from dark nail polishes.
•    Before applying nail art stickers, make sure the nail polish is dry.
•    If you do not have long nails to peel stickers, use tweezers.
•    Apply top coat to make your nail art last long.

Do you love floral nail art? Have you tried nail art stickers from Born Pretty Store? Don't forget to tell me the design!

Stay pretty!


  1. Always love your nailarts. This one is so pretty and quick :)

  2. I thought these are water decals, it looks so perfect.

    1. Yeah it is even mentioned on their website but these are stickers!

  3. these look super pretty! love the nail art you have done with them


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