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L'Oreal Infallible Dazzle Mega Lip Gloss in Gloss Me I'm Gorgeous Review

L'Oreal Dazzle Lip Gloss* is another newly launched lip gloss from the Cannes 2016 collection. I totally loved the formula of L'Oreal Cream Mega Lip Gloss that I reviewed few days ago. It is pigmented with no shimmers. If you love shimmery lip glosses then you have come to the right place! L'Oreal Dazzle Lip Gloss is priced at Rs 850 for 8ml and you can BUY ONLINE HERE at an offer price.

A closer look!

Swatch of L'Oreal Dazzle Lip Gloss

The packaging of the lip gloss is same as that of L'Oreal Cream Mega Lip Gloss. The glossy look makes it look classy and elegant. It also has the curvy applicator that allows you to apply lip gloss on the contours of the lips easily. It is very moisturizing and I do not feel the need to apply a lip balm underneath. It applies easily and does not tend to smear or smudge. 

Gloss Me I'm Gorgeous is a gorgeous pinkish plum with lots of fine pink shimmers. Though I never adore shimmery lip glosses but believe me glossy and shimmery lip glosses look stunning on traditional Indian outfits. I love wearing this lip gloss to functions, parties and weddings. But recently I applied it over Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick in Mad Magenta and it looked damn gorgeous even on my casual outfit. The lip gloss has a beautiful glossy finish that instantly makes your face look fresh and bright. 

The pigmentation is medium and gives moderate coverage. If you have pigmented lips then you must avoid wearing it alone. I love to top it up over the same colored lipstick to make the color stand out. I love how glossy and bright it looks. Like every other lip glosses, it has low staying power and transfers easily. It vanishes away with eating and drinking but leaves shimmers behind! Make sure you alaways remove the shimmers with a good oil based makeup remover. I feel wearing it over a lipstick does the trick and makes it look damn gorgeous!

- The curvy applicator allows easy application on the contours of lips.
- Does not feel heavy or sticky. 
- Low to medium pigmentation.
- If you love shimmery, glossy glosses (these are not over the top!) you will love it.
- Various shades to choose from.
- Gloss Me I'm Gorgeous instantly brightens up my face!
- This shade would look flattering on all skin tones.
- The fragrance is hardly noticeable!
- I do not need a lip balm underneath it!
- Lips feel moisturized after using it!- The gloss/ shine is just right and does not look over the top.

- Pricey!
- Low staying power and the shimmers remain on the lips till the end of the day. I love wearing it on top of lipstick! 

Overall Thoughts:
These days I love wearing bright shades and I adore how beautiful L'Oreal Dazzle Lip Gloss looks on the same colored lipstick. It has the right combination of gloss and shimmers. It does not look over the top and looks glamorous when you wear it with traditional outfits! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Apply it over the same colored lipstck to get that glam effect!
- Remove shimmers with an oil based makeup remover!
- Never share your lip glosses with others!

Have you tried L'Oreal Dazzle Lip Gloss? 

Stay pretty!


  1. Nice shade but I didn't liked shimmer part of it..

    1. Shimmers are fine and not over the top and look pretty on lips!

  2. This color wud look so pretty on u.. pretty shade!

  3. This shade is FABULOUS! Love the boldness and that shimmer and gloss!

  4. Looks like a nice color. Would have loved to see an LOTD


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