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Island Kiss Lip Moisturizers Review

Island Kiss Lip Balm
Happy Monday MBT friends! This week please do not expect a "food trip" post as this weekend we stayed at home and watched cricket match. OK let me tell you I am not fond of cricket but I utilized that time in organizing my makeup! 

Today i am excited to tell you about a NEW brand----> Island Kiss! Their packaging reminds me of Bbalm and I love how vintage yet fun loving they look on my vanity! As the weather is getting hot, my lips are more prone to dryness and flakiness. I am taking utmost care of my lips by carrying a lip balm everywhere and of course drinking loads of water! Island Kiss has recently launched 3 new lip balms that are 100% natural, pure, petroleum and toxic free! They come in 3 variants- Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender, Cherry Blossom Flores and Puerto Berry Blush! Alma Vanilla and Cherry Blossom Flores are priced at Rs 399 while Peurto Berry Blush costs Rs 499. Now don't ask me why the latter one is pricier than the other two because I don't know! BUY ONLINE

Island Kiss Puerto Berry Blush Lip Balm
Loved the vintage packaging!
Slanted tip
Island Kiss Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender Lip Balm
Did you like the color of the tube?
Island Kiss Cherry Blossom Flores Lip Balm
Totally soothing to the eyes!

Island Kiss Lip balms* come in super chic and attractive cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. As I told you earlier, they look similar to Bbalm packaging with all the vintage design! The actual product comes in a squeezable tube with slanted tip! The slanted tip allows you to apply the lip balm even in the innermost corner of lips. The formula of the lip balm is soft and oil based so you need only a small amount to make your lips soft and supple. All the lip balms smell yummy and fruity. The scent is mild and pleasant and vanishes away within few seconds! I just squeeze a small amount of lip balm and apply it onto my lips. My lips feel soft instantly and I love how nourished and healthy they look. Island Kiss Lip Balms are 100% natural and contains tropical kokum, mango and avocado butter and various other oils. 

My favorite among all is Puerto Berry Blush which is a gorgeous berry reddish pink color that looks absolutely gorgeous on lips. It is the most tinted lip balm out of three and gives a beautiful hint of color to the lips. I honestly do not need to wear any makeup with this lip balm as it instantly makes my face look fresh and awake. It moisturizes my lips really well and I love reapplying it throughout the day! It contains natural organic color! It can also be used to apply tint on your cheeks but I have not tried it as I have oily skin and it contains oil! It stays put on my lips for a good 2-3 hours and you can see light tint even after meals!

Cherry Blossom Flores is my least favorite as I have pigmented lips. It is very light milky pink in color! The scent is again very pleasant and refreshing. It makes me look washed out and I have worn it only twice or thrice. The formula and effectiveness is same as that of the other two lip balms!

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender looks light lavender in the tube and in swatches but gets almost clear on lips. If you love clear lip balms then this one is for you. It also smells amazing and keeps lips soft and moisturized!

- Super pretty and vintage packaging! You also get to know the shade from outer packaging.
- The scent is refreshing and yummy. I always love fruity scent in my lip balms. It disappears within few seconds!
- Puerto Berry Blush has lovely tint and makes your lips look gorgeous!
- Puerto Berry Blush will suit all Indian skin tones
- Very hydrating.
- Does not feel greasy or heavy!
- I find prices to be neutral as these are organic and do not contain petroleum. 
- Good staying powder for lip balms!

- Cherry Blossom Flores makes me look washed out!

Overall Thoughts:
I am totally in love with Island Kiss Lip Balms. These are definitely a great addition in the Indian market. They are 100% natural and pure and are safe for a mom-to-be. I love using natural products on everyday basis and I have included them in my skincare regimen. When I am at home I love using Alma Vanilla and Inges Lavender and Puerto Berry Blush when I am out. Cherry Blossom Flores is for people who have not pigmented lips. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these lip balms to everyone especially Peurto Berry Blush!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
- As these are oil based, make sure you apply a little when you need to apply a lipstick over it!
- Best applied directly from the tube.
- Wipe the mouth after each usage for hygienic purpose!

What shade would you pick from Island Kiss? 

Stay Pretty!


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  2. I think shade cherry blossom will look lovely on me :)

  3. The vintage packaging is very attractive,...

  4. Never heard about this brand.. Loved the way you clicked them :)

  5. These lip balms look amazing. I love the packaging.

  6. Awwww!! They are the cutest I have seen. Lovely photographs Seno. Mujhe bhi aise products bhej yaar :/ :D

    1. Thanx Querida!! Tujhe pasand h to pakka bhejugi!!

    2. Thanx Querida!! Tujhe pasand h to pakka bhejugi!!

  7. Are you still using these?


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