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Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel Review

Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel
November flew away in a jiff and it’s already December! I could not believe only 13 days are left for my wedding. I am feeling scared and excited at the same time! I am sure all brides-to-be have these mixed kind of feelings! My honeymoon destination will be Andaman & Nicobar (blame me for not having a passport!) and it is for sure that I would spend a lot of time on beaches. Though my skin rarely gets tanned but there is saying “prevention is better than cure”. Few days back, I did a review on Puro Body & Soul Ubtan that is great for oily skin and to get bright and even skin. Today I am going to review Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel* that is used after sun and pollution exposure to soothe and moisturize the skin. It also helps in removing tan! It is priced at 250 INR and you can buy online HERE.

Description of Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel
No chemicals!
Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel
Looks very refreshing! Isn't it?
Swatch of Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel
Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel comes in a clear plastic tub with a silver screw top lid. The lid is quite fragile! The tub accidently falls off of my hands and the lid got cracked. I had to transfer the whole gel in another packaging. All the information is printed over it along with ingredients. There is also an inner lid that prevents the gel from leakage or spillage.

The cooling gel is light pink in color and looks very soothing to the eyes. As soon as you open the tub, you are greeted with the refreshing scent of various essential oils. The scent is divine and instantly makes me feel refreshed. 

I particularly use this cooling gel after a long day of shopping. My skin gets a bit dry and dull due to long hours of sun and pollution exposure. After getting back home, I firstly wash my face with a face wash and take a small amount of cooling gel and rub it on my skin. I apply it on my face, neck and hands. The gel feels extremely cool and instantly makes my skin feel refreshed. It gets absorbed quickly and does not leave greasy or sticky feeling behind. The scent is divine and makes me feel wonderful after a tiring day. I particularly use it as a night cream and I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels. It makes my skin glow the other day and I can’t wait to use it on my vacations! 

Feels very light on skin. 
Does not feel oily or heavy on skin.
Gets absorbed immediately.
Great for all skin types.
Moisturizes dry areas really well.
Instantly makes you feel refreshed.
Gives a cooling sensation to the skin.
Gives a lovely glow to the skin.
Does not contain comedogenic ingredients so safe for people with acne prone skin like mine!
A little goes a long way!
Reasonably priced.

The lid of the tub is fragile. So handle it with care!
Jar packaging might be unhygienic for few!

Overall Thoughts:
Puro Body & Soul Cooling Gel is definitely one of the BEST after sun gels! It is natural and has divine scent. It moisturizes my skin well and instantly makes me feel refreshed. It gives a lovely glow to the skin with regular usage. I would highly recommend it to everyone! It is a must have if you travel a lot!

Rating: 4.8/5

My Tips:
If you have very dry skin, slather a layer on your face and let it absorb.
Use a spatula to take out the gel from tub for hygienic purpose.
You can use it as night cream if you have oily skin.
Must have if you are planning to go for beach vacations!
Though I do not suffer from tanning but it definitely helps in removing tan!

Do you use after sun gel?

Stay pretty!

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