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Who does not love glowing and healthy skin? If you are a bride to be like me, you would be trying your best to keep your skin clean and radiant. Recently I came across an amazing Korean skincare website---Skin18, a Hongkong based website, which provides wide varieties of Korean skincare products. If you are not aware, Asian skincare is considered best for healthy and glowing skin. Today I am going to review* and what I got from this website!
Skin18 provides wide range of Korean skincare products like sheet masks, cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizers, sun care, BB/CC creams and other body treatment products. It is super easy to shop at Skin18. The layout of the website is neat and easy to navigate. You simply need to add the products to the shopping cart and sign up and create your account. I got the tracking information and got the package in 15-16 days. I got lots of sheet masks and 3 syringes of serums and I must say I was thrilled to try them instantly. I totally loved the look of the packaging of the sheet masks. They are way too pretty and difficult to resist.
Skin18 provides free shipping above $40. They also have return policy in case you are not satisfied though I think it will rarely happen!

Now coming to the products I got from Skin18:
3 step Collagen Lifting Intensive Care Mask, Collagen Real Nature Mask Pack and Anti wrinkle Collagen Animal Cutie Mask Pack (Tiger)
All the three sheet masks are priced at $2.20, $0.95 and $2.50 respectively. They contain collagen extracts that moisturizes and nourishes dry and dull skin. The animal mask has animal print over it that makes the facial process all the more fun! My skin gets really dry in winter season and I am looking forward to try these sheet masks in that season! If you have dry skin then you MUST try these collagen sheet masks!
Four Season Snail Repairing Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti wrinkle function), Four Season Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask (Whitening Function) & Four Season Collagen Lifting Wrinkle Care Intensive Mask (Anti Wrinkle Function)

These sheet masks have the prettiest and cutest packaging. They instantly want me to try them out. Out of these, two are meant for treating fine lines and wrinkles and aloe sheet mask makes skin clear and clean. I have tried the aloe soothing water oasis sheet mask and I loved how soft, smooth and healthy my skin looks after using it. The essence is derived from natural Aloe that soothes irritated skin and provides abundant moisture to create radiating and smooth skin.

They are priced at $0.85 each and are worth trying!
Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask (Syn-ake) - Firming & Smoothing, Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Snail) – anti-aging & Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Rice Wine) – nourishes & firmness
All the three sheet masks are priced at $1 each. They are in 3D form and fit the face perfectly. I am in my late twenties and Ihave started including anti ageing products in my skin care regime. The masks are soaked in essences that reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin.
LomiLomi 7 Skin Scheduler Mask - Thursday [Cucumber - Bouncing Masks] & Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack
They are worth $3 and $0.95 respectively. The cucumber mask is very refreshing and I loved it to the core. I leave it on my face for a good 20-30 minutes. It feels nice and light on my skin. After removing the mask, I felt a bit sticky feeling and I wiped off my skin with a cotton pad. I applied the rest of the essence in the pack on my hands, elbows and knees. It is suitable for all skin types and I loved how radiant and healthy my skin looks the next day. The honey mask is great for dry and dull skin though it is meant for all skin types!
[i:bo] All-In-One 3 steps Repair Solution
I have saved this mask for winter months when my skin becomes dry and dull. It contains 3 step skin repair solution. The 3 steps include fast repairing ampoule, mask sheet and cream. It is great for dry, dull and uneven skin.
Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle TaengTaeng Project Serum, 7 Days Whitening Miracle Project Serum (Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging / Moisturizing) & 30 days Anti-aging Project Serum 
I got 3 ml syringes and tried 7 days whitening miracle project serum. It makes my skin smooth and bright with just few usages. I am looking forward to try other serums too!

Wide variety of sheet masks and other Korean skincare products.
Reasonably priced.
Free worldwide shipping over $40.
Fast delivery!
The founder of the Skin18 is very helpful, friendly and down to earth person!
Offers deal and freebies.


Overall Thoughts:
Skin18 is the BEST KOREAN  SKINCARE Website I have come across recently. They have wide variety of sheet masks and Korean skincare products. They provide worldwide shipping and I must say their prices are really affordable! I look forward to trying out more of their masks. If you are a bride to be or planning to attend a wedding then I would highly recommend you to check out their sheet masks to get bright and glowing skin!

Rating: 5/5

Do you love Korean Skincare? Do let m know if you want me to review any of the sheets or serums in particular!

Stay pretty!


  1. Loved reading about the masks. I have too ordered some for myself <3


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