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Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast Review & Swatches

Add captionLakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast
The easiest way to apply eye liner when you are in hurry is using a pencil eye liner. I have been using Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner and Brightener for a long time but it does not come out as dark as Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner! Yes I totally loved my new addition and it has been my go-to-eyeliner! I chose the shade “Blacklast” as black is definitely a “no brainer” to use on daily basis. It is priced at 450 INR and you can buy online on discount HERE.

Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast
Description of Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast
Shade name
Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast
Swatch of Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner in Blacklast
The eyeliner comes in a retractable packaging with all the information printed over it. It is sealed in a plastic wrapper to ensure it has not been used. You simply need to twist the tube to reveal the eye liner. 

Blackout is a dark black color with a slight hint of blue. Though the blue tinge is neither visible in my swatches nor on my eyes so I consider it as a “black eye liner”. It has super creamy formula and I fear if I apply a bit pressure it might break into pieces. It glides smoothly over my lash line with no pulling or tugging. It is very pigmented and you need only 1 swipe to get intense color. It sets into waterproof, smudge proof and does not budge till I remove it with a remover. It settles quickly and if you are into smudging your eye liner then you would need to be pretty fast. I love using it on daily basis and it stays on my slightly oily lids for the whole day without fading. It gets removed easily using olive oil!

The only downside is its retractable packaging. The moment I twisted it up for clicking pictures, it stayed there and I was not able to twist it back. There is some problem in twist mechanism and I read many reviews complaining about the same. Lakme team hope you are reading this and would do something to improve the packaging for such a great eye liner!

Creamy formula! It glides on smoothly.
Perfect jet black shade that looks great all time. My go-to-eyeliner!
Stays on my slightly oily lids for the whole day without smudging.
Very pigmented. You need just one swipe.
Settles down pretty quickly into velvet finish.
Reasonably priced.
Waterproof and smudge proof.
Great eye liner for beginner!
Number of shades available.
Contains Vitamin E that moisturizes your eyelids.

Retractable packaging is pathetic. The eyeliner does not twist back into the pencil.
It is not opthalmologically-tested so make sure you do not use it on waterline.
Cannot be sharpened. I wish there was a sharpener attached to it!

Overall Thoughts:
It is definitely something that I would like to repurchase. Though I am highly disappointed by its packaging but the color, pigmentation and staying power is very good. It is my go-to-eyeliner and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

My Tips:
Do not twist up the eyeliner too high.
Never use eye liner on waterline. Always go for kajal or kohl!

What is your favorite black eyeliner?

Stay pretty!

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