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Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin Review

Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin
I am so excited for this weekend and the next week as I will get to roam around and shop with Mr MBT! Yes he will be at my place for 10 days (he also belongs to my place *winks*)

I have oily, combination that tends to get oily on T-zone and sort of dry on cheeks and around the mouth. Oxygen Skincare is a natural skincare brand from New Zealand. I love natural cleansers as they give a healthy glow to the skin and make skin clean and hydrated with regular usage. Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin* is priced at NZ$27.50 and you can buy online HERE. It belongs to the “teens range”. Though I am in my late twenties but it never hurts to try products meant for teenagers!

Description of Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin
Thumbs Up from ME!
Directions to use & Ingredients
The pump dispenser!
This is how it looks after twisting!
Swatch of Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser for Normal Skin
Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser comes in a sturdy, semi opaque plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The pump dispenser is like any other hand wash. You need to twist the pump for it to go up and you just need to press it to dispense the right amount of product.  The packaging is light but since it does not have any lid I fear carrying it with me in my bag. 

The texture of the cleanser is soft and smooth with gel like consistency. You can also see bright green flecks in the cleanser that I believe are NZ Hops.  The scent is very mild and refreshing. It smells of spearmint that gives a refreshing feeling when I feel dull and tired. 

I simply dispense an adequate amount of cleanser onto my palm and rub my hands together to create lather. It produces soft and good amount of lather that gives me a feeling of proper cleansing. After massaging for a good one minute, I rinse it off with water. When I need deep cleansing, I simply take warm wash cloth and remove cleanser off my skin. The cleanser does not leave greasy or sticky residue behind. My skin feels fresh, clean and hydrated. I then follow it with a toner and moisturizer. Though it is meant for normal skin but I feel it will suit all skin types. It is natural and does not contain parabens or preservatives! There is also a variant for oily skin!

Good consistency.
Lovely and refreshing spearmint scent.
Creates soft and rich lather.
Makes skin soft, smooth, clean and hydrated.
Suits all skin types.
Does not dry out the skin.
Does not irritate the skin.
Simple packaging.
Meant for both men and women.
Oxygen Skincare provides International Shipping.


Overall Thoughts:
Oxygen Skincare Foaming Cleanser is a mild and gentle natural cleanser that makes skin soft, clean and hydrated. It creates soft and rich lather that feels nice on skin. If you are looking for gentle cleanser then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you!

Rating: 5/5

My Tips:
For deep cleansing, remove the cleanser with warm wash cloth!
Always follow it up with a moisturizer even if you have oily skin!

What is your favorite cleanser? Would you be interested to try Oxygen Skincare?

Stay pretty!

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