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Beyond Belief by Clifford B. Bowyer Review

Beyond Belief by Clifford B. Bowyer
I have heard a lot of good things about Clifford B. Bowyer novels but never got a chance to read them. When I saw Beyond Belief, I was instantly impressed by its plot synopsis. Beyond Belief* is a romantic suspense based novel that is quite unpredictable. Though it took me 3 days to finish the book but the end was very capturing and worth reading. It is priced at $24.95 and you can buy online HERE

Beyond Belief by Clifford B. Bowyer
Beyond Belief by Clifford B. Bowyer
Beyond Belief by Clifford B. Bowyer
Beyond Belief is romantic thriller story that revolves around Damon Burke who had strong family values, a very good career, money, lots of close friends and lived a very organized and peaceful life. After going through breakup with Amanda, he finally started dating many girls but alas could not find the one. While searching for a perfect girl on internet, he came across Cassie Caniglia through an alumni network on YourSpace. Cassie was a super gorgeous, rich and attractive blonde girl that every man would crave for.

The story was quite slowly in the beginning and I feel it was dragged a bit. I actually felt bored until the character Cassie came into the story. She is a straight forward and ready to do anything when their near and dear ones are in danger. Damon and Cassie used to chat frequently on YourSpace until one day Cassie did not come online and later Damon got to know that she was being abused by her mob connected brother in law Michael. She and her sister got badly beaten but their parents took side of Michael. From this incident the story picked up suspense. It became more and more interesting. After Cassie flew away to Florida to escape from her brother in law, her friends and love including Damon became the target of Michael. Damon was truly fallen in love with Cassie despite all his colleagues and friends warning him against Cassie.

The tragedies turned into a dangerous game when Damon got to know everyone he loved were in danger because of Cassie. Damon loved Cassie and wanted to help her but until he came to know everything about Cassie from her old friend Kerrie that was BEYOND BELIEF.

I truly loved the character Amanda, ex girl friend of Damon who stood by him at all good and bad times. She was sweet and concerned about Damon.

Beyond Belief is a book that creates suspense as you go on reading. Though I always check the number of pages of book as I particularly do not like reading thick books but I was instantly grabbed by its suspense story that I did not feel like putting the book down. I feel the story was being dragged in the beginning describing the story of Damon but as soon as Cassie arrived, the story became exciting and gripping. There was a good balance between romance and suspense. In this book too, I found few errors but then it was gripping so I really did not mind. The end of the story was very unpredictable and indeed beyond belief or one’s imagination. I truly loved the author’s unique imagination and his way of creating suspense.

•    If you love a mix of romantic, suspense and thriller books then you will love it.
•    The book is unpredictable and there is suspense till the end of the book.
•    Available both as paper book and eBook on Kindle.
•    Reasonably priced.
•    Silver Leaf Books provide International shipping.

•    The story was a bit slow in the beginning.

Overall Thoughts:
Beyond Belief is a good read that revolves around Damon and Cassie. The book is filled with unbelievable suspense and definitely not predictable. If you love romance suspense fiction books then I would definitely recommend it to you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Do you like romance suspense books?

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