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Dream Dots for Spots Review

Dream Dots for Spots Review
There is no denying the fact that a pimple will pop up from nowhere when there are only few days left for any party or function. Dream Dots is an Ireland based brand that provides chemical free overnight treatment for people suffering from pimples and spots. Today I am going to review Dream Dots for Spots.

Dream Dots for Spots Review
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Dream Dots says-
Dream Dots for Spots Review

MBT says-
Dream Dots for Spots comes in a white and blue cardboard box packaging with all the information written over it. They also contain a leaflet that tells you how to use these patches with pictures. They are securely sealed in plastic and are 24 in number with 6 patches on each sheet. They are small, smooth and circular patches that are stuck onto a smooth white sheet. The center of the patches is yellow. Before using the dream dots, make sure your skin is clean. Tear apart one dream dot patch and remove half off the backing paper. Place the center of the dream dot on the pimple or spot and gently remove the other half backing paper. Press the patch gently using your finger for about 3-4 seconds and voila you are ready to combat your pimple or redness. Leave it for overnight and remove it in the morning. Do not cut it but use the whole dot. I use it on my pimple and yes it works! For the first two days, I noticed it lightened the redness caused by pimple to a great extent. I applied the patch for three more days and I was amazed to find it combats and reduced the swelling caused by pimple making it hardly noticeable. 

Mind you dream dots are for only pimples and spots and not for acne. The company says dream dots turn white overnight but I could see that yellowness fades till the time I remove it. Though the patch can be used at day time but I prefer using it at night to get maximum results. They get slightly invisible the moment you apply them. They have to be used for 3-4 nights to get utmost results. These are superb overnight treatment and they combat my pimples in case of emergencies. They do not dry out the skin so can be used by all skin types. 

Dream Dots use Hydrocolloid particles. Hydrocolloid is used in some modern wound care technologies: it is the vital element in the design of the ultra-thin, flexible and discreet wound treatment. 

Dream Dots for Spots Review
Dream Dots for Spots Review
Dream Dots for Spots Review
Dream Dots for Spots Review
Dream Dots for Spots Review
Chemical free overnight treatment.
Easy to use.
Feels extremely light on skin.
Does not irritate the skin.
Combats pimples and redness to a great extent.
A superb emergency treatment.
Free worldwide shipping.
Easily available.

A bit pricey!

Overall Thoughts:
Dream Dots for Spots are great chemical free overnight treatment patches to treat your pimples and spots overnight without drying out the skin. They are easy to apply and remove. The pimples are combated within four days of usage and redness is reduced considerably. I am totally in love with them and would definitely recommend them to everyone!

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Dream Dots for Spots? How was your experience? How do you treat your pimples in a short time? Share in the comments section below!

Stay pretty!

Disclaimer: The item was sent by PR for consideration. The review is based on my own honest and personal experience with the product.

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